These Are Some of the Most 'Unique' People in The World

These Are Some of the Most 'Unique' People in The World

Every one of us humans is unique from our facial features to stature and capabilities. However, it’s pretty interesting to see that some people give ‘unique’ a new term entirely.

From looks to their capabilities, these are some of the most unique people in the world you’ll ever see.

Godfrey Baguma

47-year-old Godfrey suffered from fibrodysplasia that distorted his cells and tissue growth and placement, making him horrifically deformed. However, Godfrey didn't let his deformity hold him down or affect his self-worth, as he delved into music.

For his ‘unique’ look, Godfrey won the most unusual looking man in Uganda in 2016. He’s also doing pretty good for himself as a pop artist with his YouTube videos racking up millions of views.

David Kengen

A young David Kengen was unlucky to have battled with a heart disease which he overcame, but not without issues, as it made his arms and legs fail to develop well.

But David, 16 is a lover of karate and despite his short arms and legs put in the work to see he’s on an entirely different level from an average karate practitioner.

His passion for the sport didn’t go unnoticed as the Japanese invited this special Dutch kid to the JKA world championship in 2014. Talk about the level of passion!

Melanie Gaydos

28-year-old Melanie Gaydos is a model that redefines beauty. She was born with a rare genetic disorder – Ectodermal Dysplasia that affected her appearance.

Melanie didn’t let her looks limit her and opted for what she feels comfortable doing – modeling.

Even with her unique look, Melanie is confident in her appearance and looks forward to more models with unique looks that redefine beauty being accepted into the fashion industry. Talk about being beautiful in and out.

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