8 Things Smart People Never Say In Public

8 Things Smart People Never Say In Public

The best of us sometimes do not know what to say and how to say it. Our words are very powerful and the things we say can build or ruin us and others. So in case you get confused on what and what not to say in public, we’re sharing 8 things that smart people never say in public.

1.I’m a Smart Person:
Actual smart people do not brag about their smartness, they believe that their deeds will speak for them. In fact, one of the signs of a smart person is the somewhat feeling of inadequacy.

Smart people think they’re not smart at all. So if you see someone who boasts about their intellectual capability, chances are, they’re not smart after all. Instead of saying that they’re smart, smart people would rather prove that they are.

2.I Can’t:
No this isn’t some motivational speech stunt. Smart people are willing to take on tasks, even though they’re beyond them. They see it as a learning curve and an opportunity to discover something new and build a new skill.

They don’t readily turn down requests without even first considering or trying their hands on it. So they research, and take time to figure out a subject area or a task. If you approach work with enthusiasm and willingness to learn, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t flourish on the job.

3.I Hate My Job:
It’s okay to not like your job. It happens. People fall in and out of love with their jobs especially when there’s been certain changes in the work environment.

The problem however is when it seems like you’re complaining about every single job you’ve had, and you’re not actively doing anything to change it. It portrays you badly. Smart people know to handle whatever it is that is bothering them, rather than just laying back to wail about it.share.

4.I Give Up:
Saying this portrays you as someone who’s incapable of doing things, and you know what they say about “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Smart people are ready to take on new challenges.

This isn’t to encourage you to stay on in a toxic work environment, but only to say that as a smart person, your approach to things should be different.

5.It’s Too difficult:
Similar to “I Can’t”, Smart people do not turn away from a good challenge. They always look for an alternative way to fix it.

6.That’s the Way it’s Always Been Done:
Technology is advancing everything, the world is dynamic, things are changing everyday. Smart people listen and make adjustments where necessary.

They’re not hell bent on doing things one way, their way. They understand the place of diversity and inclusion.

7.It’s Not My Fault::
People who are smart do not shift blames, they know better than pointing accusing fingers. They take responsibility for their actions and find ways to rectify it. This can be a huge turn off to people and can stop people from wanting to do business with you.

8.I’m Going to Ask a Silly Question:
This portrays lack of confidence in oneself. If you have a question to ask, just go ahead and ask the question, if they’re uncomfortable with the question and don’t want to answer, you’ll notice either by them telling you or by observing their reaction.

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