5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Boobs

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Boobs

Even with more than half of the world's population having it, and the constant surge in breast cancer, there's surprisingly a knowledge deficit as regards this part of the body. We'll be looking at five things you should never do to your breasts in this article

1.Never Wear the Wrong Bra Size:
According to statistics, out of four women, only one manages to wear the correct bra size. A survey showed that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. Of those women, 70 percent wore bras that were too small, while 10 percent wore bras that were too big.

An Ergonomics study revealed that women with larger breasts tend to have an even larger error when choosing bra size. What exactly is wrong with wearing the wrong bra size, afterall, my body, my problem, you may ask. Well to attempt an answer, though still a debate whether or not wrong size bras cause breast cancer, wearing the wrong bra size can produce breast pain and irritation

It can also restrict blood flow, causing the formation of scar tissue. A study on women horse riders and the impact of their bras showed 40 percent reported breast pain and 59 percent reported at least one bra issue. So unless you enjoy pain and irritation, don’t do this. Get professional help on your correct size bra.

2.Never Pull Stray Hairs:
Strange yeah? but some people do it. Pulling the sensitive follicles make the naturally thin skin a lot more thicker, causing the hair to grow back faster and thicker with inflammation possibilities.

3.Wear The Bra:
Especially during any form of physical activity, you should put on the bra. Not wearing one causes your boobs to bounce around back and forth, leading to weeks of unbearable pain from formed scar tissues. Wear your bra to put your boobs in place.

4.Stay Away From The Duct Tape:
as easy as it might seem, especially when there’s no other option, using a duct tape for your nipples can cause annoying rashes around your nipples and could cause you to develop an allergy to the adhesives. This can lead to Eczema during future use.

5.Don’t Let Them Get Dry::
Breasts are prone to develop itchy flakes and lose their elasticity due to the extremely thin skin. So it is important to keep them moisturised everyday, with products that contain UV protection.

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