10 Ways To Stop Overthinking

10 Ways To Stop Overthinking

Contrary to popular opinion and a bit to make overthinking look cool, overthinking is actually harmful to health, leads to issues in your relationships, and could be a serious turn off. Do you often feel anxious?

Do you overthink things, making up scenarios you’re not even sure of in your head? Do you find yourself thinking too much in ways that could be harmful to you? Then we bring help. Here are 10 ways you can bring this under control.

1.Don’t Let Yourself Drown in Your Own Fears:
Everyone has fears, and to be honest, sometimes it’s just in our head and all we need to do is snap out of that thought. Don’t dwell on the negative emotions and thoughts for too long. Of course they’ll try to linger, but you can find something that helps you get your mind off it. This leads us to our next point.

2.Find Different Activity That Brings You Positivity:
Find things that distract you from the ones that stress you. Could be seeing a movie, writing, taking a walk, mediating, or just speaking to a friend. Find that one thing that soothes you and engage. Clear your head.

3.Practicing Deep Breaths:
Your breath shortens with anxiety and intense thoughts. It’s okay to sometimes take a break and just breathe in deep to gain back control of your mind.

4.Stop Dwelling on Your Problems:
This one can be difficult especially if the problems are very critical and are weighing you down, but instead of focusing on the problem, why not channel the energy into finding ways to make the problem go away? You can maybe speak to friends, ask for help. Remember, a problem shared is half solved.

5.Stop Giving a Damn:
Hard, but the best way to stop overthinking is to stop overthinking. If there was ever a time to be nonchalant, it’d be this time. If it’s something on social media, you can opt to stop it, if it’s someone, you can mute them. Do not let things get to you unnecessarily, stop giving an actual damn. Know this and know peace.

6.Being Present:
Focus on the now. Write down your thoughts, and realize that it’s very okay to just shut down on things happening around and put yourself first. Live in the moment.

7.You are What You are Doing Best:
Overthinking comes sometimes from feelings of inadequacies. You feel like you’re not good enough, or that you don’t deserve the good things happening to/around you. You’re scared. Nonetheless, you should push your best foot forward.

There’s a certain level of peace that comes with giving something your all. So put in your best effort and then when things don’t exactly work out, you will know deep down that this was beyond you, you’ll pick the lessons and move on, rather than focusing on things beyond your control.

8.Widen Your Perspective:
Always look at things futuristically, ask yourself, will this thing still matter in months to come? How important is it to you? Will it affect your income?

9.Take a Small Step at a time:
Do not take on more than you can chew. Stop seeing things as big problems in life. You can break things down instead. So say you need to write 30 articles, you can break them into small pieces of 3 a day. Instead of beating yourself up.

10.Reset Your Environment:
Your external environment affects your internal environment. Find ways to spend more time with people who have a positive impact on thinking.

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