11 Rarest Natural Phenomena Only You Might’ve Seen

11 Rarest Natural Phenomena Only You Might’ve Seen

Imagine standing right in front of phenomena, someone would just be amazed and someone would better walk or run away.

Anvil Cloud
An anvil cloud appeared in the sky in Kyiv in June 2020 which is a very rare storm formation in the sky. It’s forming when strong air currents carry water vapor upwards, the air expands and spreads out as it hits the bottom of the stratosphere and it pushes the cloud into the cool anvil shape you can see.
They produce some of the most dangerous lightning of all storms because the bolt comes from the top of the anvil and is ten times more powerful than a typical lightning strike.Almost everyone in Kyiv got frightened after seeing a giant cloud but authorities later calmed them down that it’s just a phenomenon and a really amazing one.

Morning Glory
Morning glory is a rare type of cloud that looks like a giant tube rolling over the sky and it’s a result of an updraft pushing through the cloud creating a rolling appearance, while moist cooler air at the back causes them to sink downward.
These “tubes” can measure up to 600 miles long, appearing in large groups as well.

Red Raining
In southern India, in 2001 they witnessed one of the strangest weather phenomena.
Simply the rain was red, everyone was shocked and the color was bright enough to stain clothes. The researchers said it must be stained either by dust or algae but they don’t know how it got there.

Foamy Tides
Probably a lot of people know this because it can form anywhere in the world where there is water and they are more likely to happen along rocky coastlines.
Each coast has different conditions so the foam will not always be the same.

Ghost Apples
When the freezing point comes in Michigan, a lot of unusual things happen but for this everything must be really perfect to occur.
It is caused by having the apples freeze where they are with rain coating the fruit in layers of ice, the apples then thaw and leak out leaving just the ice shell behind.

This might be the most electric place in the world with almost 300 storm days per year and they are being predicted for 3 months in advance.

Jellyfish Lighting Sprites
They are associated with thunderstorms but they have nothing to do with rain because they are the balance of the lighting between the storm clouds and the ground below.

Snow Donuts
You need to have perfect weather conditions for this to happen, it is very rare.
Everything, like wind snow, and rain has to work together to see a phenomenal Snow donut.

A phenomenon where you can see three suns or more like 2 colored areas of light at the same height as the sun.
And there are also moon dogs formed by lunar light passing through ice crystals.

Altocumulus Lenticularis
It is a rare cloud shaped like a saucer and it is shaped only by unusual cloud formations over the mountains.

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