Most Elite Armed Forces in The World

Most Elite Armed Forces in The World

Joining the military is one thing; however, it takes more than just being a soldier to join the special ops and forces of national security. Here are some of the most elite Special Forces in the world.

Shayetet 13
The Shayetet 13 special force was established in Israel and forms an integral part of the IDF. It is to Israel what the navy seals are to the US.
Founded in 1949(just after the creation of the state of Israel), the Shayetet 13 aka ‘The People of Silence’ are not only one of the most elite and secretive but also one of the most dangerous forces in the world.
They are known for their expertise in counter-terrorism, boarding ships at sea, sabotage, intelligence gathering, and hostage rescue.
They once evacuated Ethiopian refugees from Sudan during the civil war and have helped eliminate several conflicts within Israel.

The Navy SEALS are an elite special force for the United States and are one of the hardest units to get into.
They are a highly secret unit and perform some of the most dangerous missions like direct combat, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism, special reconnaissance missions, and many more.
The SEALS was established in 1962 by US president W. F. Kennedy and are trained to engage in unconventional warfare. Joining this maritime unit requires 30-month training where one is pushed to their mental and physical limits.

The SAS (Special Air Service) was founded in Britain as a regiment during WWII in 1941. At that time, they were considered the foremost elite forces in the world.
The person credited with the creation of the US Delta Force was with the SAS for a while. Their main training is for counter-terrorism and they have one of the most rigorous recruitment processes in the whole world.
From long walks in jungle to climbing mountains, and other extreme activities, the recruitment process of the SAS isn’t light. Oh and it takes place bi-annually, one in the summer and one in the winter.

This elite special force unit believes in quality over quantity. This Danish elite force has less than 350 recruits because of its rigorous training processes.
Although the unit is open to everyone interested, an applicant can only advance and become a member of the ‘Frogman Corps’ if he can swim 1000 feet in 8 minutes, run 1.7 miles in 12 minutes, march with 22kg weight for over 40 miles or swim 100 feet underwater.

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