Top 20 Normal Looking Pictures with Disturbing Backstories

Top 20 Normal Looking Pictures with Disturbing Backstories

Many bad and many very good events have happened in the world. Unfortunately, the bad ones probably outnumber the good ones.
After cameras, phones and cameras started to be created, various very unpleasant pictures started to appear. On the surface they look quite normal, but if you hear the story that goes with it, the photo immediately starts to creep you out.
There are many such photos, and we can learn unpleasant facts for years afterwards, which is why it is also so unpleasant and disgusting to look at them. Since most of those in the photos couldn't have had any idea at the time what was actually going to happen.

Tragedy By The Sea

One day a family was at the beach with their child and there was also a photographer taking pictures from afar. It was a perfectly normal day when the parents suddenly realized that they couldn't see the child.
The moment this photo was taken, both parents realized that their child was probably swept away by the big waves and that they would never see him again. This photo expresses so much emotion that it also received an award and was felt even more by many people because of its story.

But at first glance you would just think that it is some couple who wanted to take a nice photo by the sea, but when you hear this unpleasant story you don't even want to see the photo.

Space Shuttle Challenger Crew

In this photo it's not quite sure where the astronauts are actually going, but you can see the happy emotion on their faces. They were just leaving for their departure, which was called Space Shuttle Challenger.
But what came next was certainly not what anyone could have expected and it was one of the darkest moments for the astronauts. As the rocket lifted off less than a minute later, it exploded.

No one survived this explosion and that was known as soon as the rest of the rocket landed in the ocean.
The photo is so very uncomfortable when you look at someone who is looking forward to what is probably their first flight, but has no idea that they're going to be dead in a few minutes. It's a very unpleasant sight, and knowing the story behind this photo, it definitely stirs up some unpleasant emotions.

Christopher McCandless

It looks like the man in the picture is waving hello but the man is waving goodbye. There was a movie made about it called Into The Wild.
This man decided to live in the wild where he died of starvation a few days after the picture was taken. It was probably clear to him that he didn't have much time left and that's probably why he took the photo.

If you are interested in his story, you should definitely watch the film that was made about it as it is based on a true story and you can learn why he did it and how it really was.
However, this man also left a note in his car saying that he enjoyed life very much and that he thanks God. Goodbye.

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