10 Creepiest Things Seen By Astronauts In Space

10 Creepiest Things Seen By Astronauts In Space

Many children dream of being an astronaut and exploring the world, but the galaxy is not as bright as they think.

Sometimes only the life of astronauts is scary because they live there for several years and in a completely different environment than on Earth.

Strange Lights
These lights were seen by Leroy Chiao, but interestingly, he is not the only one who saw these lights. Because his crew saw exactly the same lights. They describe it as a pyramidal shape of light that passed around them.

Something is In The Spaceship
Scientists are already showing us that there is no sound at all in the universe. A Chinese astronaut sat on an expedition in 2003 and said he heard a pounding. It sounded like someone was outside right next to the ship, banging on it.

But even stranger is that several other Chinese astronauts heard this banging during 2005.

Someone is Watching us From Space
This story is by Neil Armstrong himself a well-known astronaut who first step and walked on the moon. It happened on the famous Apollo mission in 1969. NASA confirmed that Neil lost momentum with his unit for two minutes. There was talk of another unknown spaceship landing on the other side of the crater and they say that someone could be there watching us.

Something Was Shining on The Moon
Alan Beam once said he saw with his crew something shining on the moon. The strangest thing is that light is very difficult to get out of the moon.

A Snake In Space
One of Nasa's doctors claimed to have seen a white snake in space that simply flew in space. Many people asked him if it really was a snake or just some pollution or a hose that somehow got into space. But this doctor is very sure of what he saw.

Dead Animals Floating
In fact, it's not so scary, but rather disgusting, because when we know that the first visitors to the universe from the globe were animals.

UFO Fleet
More than one fleet was found near each other One of the astronauts was researching about mercury and was flying somewhere and noticed 3 flying unidentifiable planes. After ten years, this action was repeated, but this time in space, one of these UFOs allegedly flew directly at him and was also identified on the radar.

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