10 Ways Japan is 10 Years Ahead of the World

10 Ways Japan is 10 Years Ahead of the World

AI Integration, automation, use of robots; Japan has in the last several years grown to become a leader in innovation and technology. It is then safe to say that Japan is the future. While many of these technologies/innovations may exist in other countries, Japan takes them to a whole different level. Below are 10 ways Japan is 10 years ahead of the world

1. Super Toilets
You know how the normal toilet experience is, how soothing it can get, especially when you have your phone or a book to keep you company. Now imagine it in Japan, where the toilets are so advanced; from cleaning your butt, to heating it up, and with some high tech toilets even able to check your protein, blood pressure, weight, urine,and body fat. Life is Good, in Japan!

2. Bullet Trains
A 7-hour trip in a car would be covered in approximately 2-hours using a bullet train. With well over 2300 kilometers of track with trains going 320k/h, these trains carry more than 360 million passengers per year, a number more than the entire US population.

3. Robots
Robots are gradually becoming the order of the day in Japan, with their presence in restaurants, stores, and other public places. Popular robots include animal robots, guard robots, androids, humanoid entertainment robots, social robots, and many more.

4. Arcade Gaming
Japan’s Tokyo is a paradise for Japanese arcade games. With Japan ranking world’s third highest gaming producers by revenue, it somehow explains why Japanese have it in their blood to be gamers.

5. Vending Machines
Japan has well over 5 million vending machines and these machines are not the regular ones you find in other places, they are unique and innovative, and for several items.

6. Public Transportation
There are multiple rail networks in different Japanese cities. The metro systems are so flawless, it’s astounding, especially for a city with 38 million people. There are 882 interconnected rail stations in the Tokyo metropolises alone, with the Shinjuku station being the busiest train station in the world commuting 3.64 million passengers daily.

7. Automated Car Parking
The Japanese invented automated parking lots where cars can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Many of their hotels, apartment complexes, and restaurants have the automated car parking system.

8. Future Fashion
Japan is a place where you’d see people typically dress like they were in the 22nd century, with styles you’ve never seen or thought of. Indeed, japan is ahead of the world.

9. Touchscreen Menus
If you are one who does not exactly appreciate much human contact or interaction, then Japan could be the place for you. There's literally no need for hostesses and waiters as you can easily order your food with their touchscreen menus that allow for the use of an ipad or other screens to order your food. They have this at many upscale restaurants.

10. The Little Things
Coupled with everything that’s been mentioned already, there are also other random things like: automatic window cleanser, automotive navigation systems, taxis doors automatically opening for passengers, fans on heaters to evenly spread warmth.

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