Top 10 Evil Scientists Who Experimented On Humans

Top 10 Evil Scientists Who Experimented On Humans

A lot has happened in our time and some pretty ugly and really inhumane things have happened in all that time.
I'm sure many of you will remember the various genocides or other various abominations. However, we are going to focus today on what many people are very afraid of.
We're going to focus on people who have been experimenting on human beings. Many times it was also lobotomies and other such disgusting experiments.

Vladimir Demikhov

This guy was trying to do one really weird thing. He was trying to create a two-headed dog.
And he was trying to do that in different ways. But not in the way that you might think he would mate different kinds of dogs. He just took a dog whose head and body he amputated and he grafted it to another dog. The dogs, however, fainted after about 4 days and never woke up.
Then he tried again but now they have survived about a month. But with a totally disgusting life.

The most disgusting part is that he didn't even try to create a secret project for the government, but did it all just so he could say he created a two-headed dog.


This person around 1500 was trying to create something to somehow create giants or mini humans. He was experimenting on humans to create whatever he could to make himself a real giant.
He was said to be very weird and crazy and maybe that's why it was then discovered that he was experimenting with these things and even humans and animals.

Dr. Carl Clauberg

This man was very evil and disgusting and worked mainly in various disgusting camps. So he came around World War II and worked in one of the camps in Poland.
First he wanted to sterilize all the women in his institute but then he started doing even worse things. He was allowed to experiment on about 1,000 subjects, but only about 700 of them survived.

It was also said that he scared people by stuffing semen from an animal into their bodies to create an absolute monster. That's why we can say he's one of the most disgusting people on this list.


One day a very strange sheep appeared in Africa and nobody wanted to believe that it was really a sheep but rather a monster.
One of the sheep gave birth to something they had never seen before, and that was a human baby crossed with a sheep. It was dead on the spot, but it had hooves like a sheep and a normal human body.
But it could have been that somehow the animal had been impregnated with a human and it was very well concealed. However, when the animal was tested, there was nothing strange about it at all, nor was there any indication that it had ever had sexual intercourse recently.
But there are many people who have experimented with humans and done various disgusting experiments that have completely ruined the lives of thousands of people.

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