Top 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Live Alone

Top 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Live Alone

While some may find it extremely boring and lonely, living alone is in fact one of the best feelings ever. Want to know how/what it feels like to live alone? Then this is for you.

1. Music
Parents are religious leaders but you love you some Dexta Daps or Zayn Malik's "Pillow Talk"? Then you'd definitely enjoy living alone. Because then, you can turn up the volume of your music - whatever kind- as high as you'd want it.

2. Turn your space into place
Living alone is all about turning space into place. So with space it's like this; you see it, you like it, you want it, you get it, you transform it into a place.

3. Bathroom Door Open
Contrary to how we'd been brought up to always shut the bathroom door, living alone pretty nullifies that unwritten rule. As it's now your house, your door, your bathroom, your nakedness, your business!

4. Walking Around Naked
This right here is the real freedom. When you know you can practically move around a space without any restrictions or dress code! The joy, the satisfaction, seeing the striper in you emerge!

5. Where You Left It
With living alone, you're sure that if things get missing, or misplaced then that's totally on you. Also, that if you left things a particular way you'll meet them that same way. Unless of course the house is being haunted:). It's an awesome, freeing feeling when you realise that you can literally do anything when the apartment is all yours! Enjoy!

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