Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Ghost Towns

Top 10 Creepiest Real-Life Ghost Towns

So many things have happened in the world in the time we have been here that it is impossible to count how many have happened. But many of these events have been very bad and because of them many villages or towns have completely died out or moved somewhere else.
Then there are places called Ghost Towns, and that's because there are no more people in them, so no one cares about them, and all the buildings are falling into disrepair.
But the reasons why towns and villages are abandoned are varied and many of them are also very strange and not enough people would believe them. Quite often there are rumours of various entities or ghosts haunting the whole town or completely strange things happening that no one could explain.
In other cases, however, there were various massacres, famines and other various unpleasant events in which various towns became ghost towns.


This town was abandoned about 50 years ago, it is located in Cyprus and no one has returned to live there since it was abandoned.
The whole town is boarded up and the buildings behind it are so dilapidated you can see the real decay of the town.

But before it was abandoned it was a very touristy town and was also visited by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. But as soon as Turkey invaded in 1974 the tourism disappeared and the people who lived in the town fled.
At this time, however, there are about 200 people living there and they are trying to recover the town at least in some way and so they started to open to the public around 2020.

Hashima Island

This island, located about 10 miles from Nagasaki, has been through a lot. In the beginning, it was a coal mining site, but then it was abandoned.
But as Japan began to replace coal with kerosene and other fuels, there was much less interest in coal. And because of that, it was also abandoned as people started looking for better options.
Since then it has also been abandoned but in some cases it is open for tourism and so you can get there in various ways. There have been many films and TV series filmed there, because the environment that this island offers is absolutely unique.


A man once had a vision of Las Vegas in Italy during Italy's great economic growth. So he bought a huge area and started to build a little Las Vegas called Toy Town.

It started to build very well and looked very promising, but after some unpleasant events most of the city was destroyed in a huge storm.


In Africa there is a small town which is now completely buried in sand and only the remains of various buildings are visible. The town used to be mainly used for diamond mining and had everything that such smaller towns needed, including a casino.
But when a much bigger and better diamond mining site was found a few hundred miles away, they went there and left this town.

So the town was covered with sand all the time and during the various sandstorms the sand got almost everywhere. So it looks very interesting.

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