Top 10 Evil People Currently On The Run In Texas

Top 10 Evil People Currently On The Run In Texas

There are a lot of people trying to run from the law in all sorts of places. But there are a lot of them in Texas, so let's take a look at some of them.
Most of these people are very dangerous and either they have been on the run for a long time and don't know where they are anymore, or they have only recently escaped and can be found pretty much anywhere.

Margaret Lorrain Smith

This woman is very dangerous for many reasons. One of them is that she hired a hit man to kill her husband.
Not only did she have him killed, but she also lured him to a place where a man killed him. But the man who killed him was convicted.
But the woman has been on the run ever since, with no known whereabouts. She's been seen a few times but since then almost nothing is known about her.

Police have also released photos of the woman looking older and what she could theoretically look like after all these years.

Isreal Aguirre

This man has been charged with several counts, mainly theft but also manslaughter. He's also been a peace officer for a while since then.
Once he was released, he was also deported from a state in the US. However, in 2005, he was caught again in Dallas. He was eventually released on bond.
However, he has not turned up since then and the police have issued a warrant for his arrest which is also highly rewarded.

Troy James Allison

This man was charged for a very unpleasant incident with a 27-year-old woman. It was rape, and he's been on the run since his conviction. He could be in basically any state or anywhere else entirely.
Every day they are trying to find him and they are also releasing information about him that might help someone identify him and then tell the authorities.

The Phantom Killer

This man was killing around 1946 and it was never found out who he was and that is why he is also called the phantom killer.
He killed roughly 5 people and injured 10 others over the course of a week, they also call it the Texarkana moonlight killings and although many people tried, no one ever figured out who it was and what exactly happened.
Most of the time it was just various couples who parked in the loved ones spots and then enjoyed themselves there. That's the kind of people he was targeting.

However, the first incident happened so the partners survived and so they could at least somehow tell what happened and what all this person was actually doing. Since then he has been on the run and it could also be that he was involved in some murders that were not solved.
But by this time he should be really old and if he was still on the run he'd probably be dead or hiding somewhere really well.

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