5 UNBELIEVABLE Events Caught on Camera!

5 UNBELIEVABLE Events Caught on Camera!

If we take it that way, we are surrounded by several different wonders, which when someone sees it at first sight will be considered unrealistic.

From amazing storms and rain to tornadoes and the like, you never know what to expect. But not only the weather can be amazing

Lava Waterfalls
Everyone has probably seen a waterfall before because there are really many of them and they are amazing, so who wouldn't visit one.

If you've ever wondered if there is also a lava waterfall, there is and it's a really beautiful sight, but some people may be getting too close to the waterfall.

A Lesson in Boxing
If you are boxing you should never let your guard down and if you are not made for it don’t go into someone else’s gym and start demanding a fight.

Anyways a guy did that and walked into Dorian Beaupierre’s gym and decided to fight him. Unexpectedly, it immediately shows who the real boxer is and sends the guy to the ground with the last blow. The guy probably likes falling to the ground because it is repeating about 3 times.

Shark VS. Kayak
One day, the guy went kayaking just off the coast fishing for halibut but then he felt something bump against his kayak..

After he turned around he saw a big hammerhead shark circling the kayak and going for more attacks. He was repeatedly coming back and attacking and the man always tried to hit the shark with the paddle he had. The battle was for another 15 minutes but after them, the guy got to the coast safe.

Mechanic To The Rescue
In 1985 a strange rescue was captured on camera when a photojournalist was looking for some fine airplane footage.

But instead of it, he captured how a pilot tries to land his plane and that his plane deployed only some wheels but the wheel under the right wing hadn’t come down.

After aborting his landing and circling about the airport he knew he must find a solution because he can’t be in the air forever.

The mechanics then came with a crazy idea where mechanics drove under the speeding plane as it was making its final descent. After collaborating on the speed the mechanic hands out of the roof and puts the wheel down.

The Human Rocket
A guy named Luke Aiken wanted to jump from really high without a parachute so if he would make a mistake it would be the last thing he would do.

The guy was training and training until he just jumped out of from a single-engine plane reaching about 189 kilometers.

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