10 Signs Someone Likes You More Than A Friend

10 Signs Someone Likes You More Than A Friend

Sometimes it can get really hard to pour out your feelings to someone, especially when you’re not sure the feeling is mutual. While there’s no particular way to know if someone likes you deeply beyond just being friends, there are, however, signs that can show that someone likes you more than a friend. Here are 10 signs to look out for.

1.The Romantic Lens:
Love can make people a lot more overactive than normal. If you find that they react a little bit more intensely than should be expected, then chances are, they don’t just like you, it’s gone beyond that. Now this isn’t excusing people with anger issues, no, definitely not.

The point here is, you know your friend, and you know how they’d usually react to situations, say maybe when you cancel on a date plan, but all of a sudden that’s changing, they’re angry that you cancel, they get sad or distant. Yep, that’s it. It could just be that they’re a lot more into you emotionally than you know.

2.Gray Personalities:
When someone has feelings for you, there’s a tendency that their attitude towards you may change. And it might seem like their personality has been muted, this happens mostly because they don’t want you to see their flaws and inadequacies. They want you to see them as calculated and all put together. They want to put their best foot forward, they want you to find them attractive.

At the same time, they don’t also want you to know exactly how they feel about you so they try to play nice and distant. This might make you feel like your friend is suddenly withdrawing from you and is becoming someone else, but that’s not always the case.

Chances are, they want you to notice them, notice their effort without them having to say it. You might wonder why they cannot just speak up, but the truth is, a lot of people are afraid of taking no for an answer, so this automatically becomes a problem.

3.Subject Discomfort:
So say you like someone, but for some reason, just maybe because you both haven’t gotten to talk about it, they keep coming to you with their dating/relationship problems, of course you’ll feel bad and uncomfortable talking about that with them, because you like them and it makes you jealous watching them talk about and be with someone else.

It’s the same thing when tables are turned, your friend might start getting irritable when you bring up the subject matter, it’s not because they dislike you, but it just makes them uncomfortable and jealous having to watch you love someone that’s not them. Sometimes, you can even feel the chemistry but because none of you is willing to bring it up, you just go on with the tension.

4.Constant Invitations:
Agreed, friends spend a considerable amount of time together, but if your friend is invested in you emotionally, they’ll want to spend way more time than normal with you, they’ll want you to share experiences with them, they’ll want to create memories with you, so they’ll invite you to events.

By doing this, they’re creating opportunities for you two to bond and build a deeper connection. It gets more interesting if they’re doing things with you in mind, like taking you to your favorite places or places you’ve always wanted to visit, doing activities that you like. This just goes to show that they care deeply about you and want to get closer to you.

5.Couple Jokes:
One of the ways to know that someone likes you is through friends; yours or theirs. It might be a lot difficult for you to be able to guess, but your friends can read that someone likes you and that you like them back.

So how do you pick this, sometimes you’d notice that your friends make random jokes about you and the individual in question. They could tease you both, thing is, it’s not always a joke. There’s elements of truth in the jokes, so just look close to pick.

6.Personal Flirting:
People’s personalities have an effect on how they flirt. An extrovert will not flirt like an introvert will. You need to observe and understand your friend’s personality to be able to tell whether or not they’re flirting with you. According to a study by Jeffery Hall, a person’s flirting style depends on their views, values, and personality.

7.Daily Discussion:
One of the ways to know that someone likes you is if they’re consistently reaching out to you. If someone likes you, they’ll look for every reason to talk to you, they’ll be invested in you and the things that interest you, they’ll want to interact with you and want the conversation going even about the littlest events in your life.

8.Romantic Questions:
If someone likes you, there’s a chance that they’ll begin to probe about your romantic life, like wanting to know about your past relationships or your fantasies.

They could also ask to know the things you want in a life partner because they want to do a personality fit. The questions sort of help them to determine if they stand a chance or not.

9.Beyond Personal:
Your interests and passion are a point of interest to someone who has feelings for you. They want to dig deeper, know you beyond the surface, and connect a lot deeper with you.

If they want to push it further, they’d want to meet the people you care about; your family and close friends, and they care about what they think because they understand their role in your life.

9.Meaningful Surprises:
Doesn’t matter whether or not you like surprises, someone who likes you will most likely plan meaningful surprises especially around the things that you like. Big or small, surprises can be a sign of romantic interest. They show that the person cares for you.

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