What if You Played Video Games Non-stop for a Year?

What if You Played Video Games Non-stop for a Year?

Love video games? Here's what happened to me when I got a job that required I play games for a year nonstop.

Day 1
I always had to wake up by 8 am and eat breakfast by 8.05 am. I had to begin playing at 8.30 am.
I played new game selections as picked by my employer and after every 5 hours I could go to the bathroom or exercise for 10 minutes and then continue my gaming (working).
At 11.30pm, the system would automatically shut down and that was when I had time to shower and sleep. My neck did hurt a little but it was an exciting day for me.
My break was enough to help me recharge and get back to the remaining 5 hours of play.

Day 15
By day 15, holding gamepads for 15 hours daily was already taking its toll. My fingers had blisters and I needed to bandage them.
I even had to bandage my hands too. I developed blurry vision and my legs felt like jelly. Sometimes I fall asleep immediately after the system shuts down.
What was worse, I keep seeing my game actions in my dreams – fighting aliens, playing soccer, building houses, driving cars, and lots more.
I had also become a game character in my dreams with my strength and intelligence bar still full but my health bar almost drained out.

Day 100
At this point, I couldn't remember what it felt like to be healthy. Every part of my body hurt. I had constant severe headaches, my legs felt like jelly because I wasn’t doing my exercises anymore.
I couldn’t have normal sleep. I began to hallucinate. I saw game characters right in my living space like they were real. I was in the tub and saw several cars crashed into each other – a ghastly accident!
But none of these were real. The game was messing with my head!

Day 366
With my fat paycheck, I wobbled out of the game room and the sun was so bright I needed sunglasses.
I had doubled my size and kept seeing video game characters all in front of me I could tell what was and wasn’t real.
Now I'm rich and unhealthy. I don’t know how long it's going to take me to get back to healthy ways but I'm never touching a video game again!

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