The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made on Pawn Stars

The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made on Pawn Stars

There have been many pawn shops in the world lately. For example in the United States of America are more than 12,000 pawn shops at this time.

Of course, the most known is the Gold and Silver Pawnshop, which is located in Las Vegas. It became famous mainly for performing in one of the TV shows called Pawn Stars that debuted in 2009.

In the series, we look at the daily activities of Rick Harisson and his family where he interacts with customers and negotiates prices.

Over the year the show has seen some incredible items sometimes a man walks in and in his hands is a piece worth thousands of dollars.We will look at the most expensive deals they ever made on Pawn Stars.

John F. Kennedy Cigar Box

Rick was shocked when a man with a Cigar box from John F. Kennedy just came into the store where the box even included some unsmoked cigars which very pretty high value too. Those were the same Cuban cigars that John F. Kennedy secured for himself just hours before signing the Cuban trade embargo in 1962. After negotiating it was sold for $60.000.

1950 Panama Specific Octagonal $50 Gold Coin
Once Rick was asked if he could find and specific coin and he was offered $70.000. These coins had an extreme historical value being created by the US Mint to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.

Rick managed to track two coins at the auction and managed to down the price to $67.500 so he didn’t make the best deal.

1932 Ford Roadster Model B
This model was produced from 1932-1934 and that model they found was in perfect condition. It was sold for $68.000.

1922 Proof Peace Dollar
It is one of the most popular US coins by coin historians and the guy who came with it claimed that he won it in poker and he thought it costs $20.000. Rick offered him $80.000 which blew his mind.

1941 Gibson SJ 200 Guitar
A guitar owned by a rock-and-roll legend Stephen Stills. After some negotiating it was sold for $85.000.

Vintage 1932 Lincoln Roadster
This incredible car Rick immediately wanted so even the guy wanted to sell it for $100.000 Rick only negotiated it for $95.000.

A guy came with a big collection of Silver in different variates so rick offered him $111.000 knowing he can sell it for even more.

One of the biggest purchases made on Pawn Stars when a man came in with four gold bars of one kilogram each. And for Rick, that purchase was obviously a great deal..

The Original Artwork Of a Book Named Where The Wild Thing Are
This book was published in 1963, after that the book sold millions of copies. After a big time of negotiating the artwork was sold for $250.000.

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