Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Many times very strange things happen in the world, and sometimes different people can sense it before it even comes.
If you have ever had something happen to you and you thought you had a weird feeling before, then you certainly know how weird it can feel.
In fact, many times it has happened that someone thought something and created a conspiracy theory that turned out to be absolutely true after a few years. Even if the person couldn't find any information about it anywhere.

Roswell Cover-up

One day an unidentified object, probably from outer space, fell on Roswell, Mexico, and for several decades afterwards there was still talk that it was some kind of alien.
However, the U.S. Force said it was an air balloon that was fueling the fire that was leading them. But the conspiracy theories that arose about it were right, it was a cover-up.

But it probably wasn't even aliens, it was probably a high-altitude balloon that was launched as part of Project Mogul.
This balloon was supposed to detect sound waves from Soviet atomic bomb tests. However, during the war, it couldn't be talked about so openly and that's why it was said otherwise.

Big Tobacco's Big Lies

Cigarette smoking affects your lungs and also causes lung cancer and other serious diseases, scientists say. However, many people and especially the public found this quite strange as few people have actually met someone who had such a problem.
They talked about wanting to build controversy and various debates about how it really is and that's why they say that.

So the conspiracy theory was that the tobacco companies were suppressing the truth about how nicotine really is and that it really is very addictive because it was making them a lot of money. This also then proved to be true and some of the biggest tobacco organizations were part of that.

Nefarious Agents infiltrated the Government

The Church of Scientology is very cautious and sensitive when someone tries to criticize it in any way, and their influence over big celebrities is well known.
However, there are theories that they also influence the government, which has also been confirmed in the past.
In the 1970's around 5000 members conducted espionage on government organizations and also private ones. But also the wife of the famous L. Ronald Hubbard openly admitted guilty.

But all this was done mainly to destroy the bad opinion of Scientology and not to cast it in such a bad light.
However, this action had exactly the opposite effect and many people became very judgmental about Scientology and everything around it and connected to it.

The FBI spied on Political Activists

Those who have been part of political protests and other similar activities have been closely monitored by the FBI to prevent any misinformation and more.
Many times even in this day and age such people are afraid that they are being watched and rightly so because it could happen at any time when it has happened several times in the past.
However, the FBI had to put a lot of information out there because there has been a lot of it and so everything should probably be fine by now.

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