20 Most Dangerous Kids In The World

20 Most Dangerous Kids In The World

Every day we read about various unpleasant things or criminals doing something bad or illegal. But there are children who are either born completely evil or raised that way by their family.
Many children are thus exposed to behaviour they don't understand and so they make up their own minds how the world works. There really are a lot of bad children, and in some of these cases we see that.
Many times we can only ask ourselves how it is possible that there are such evil people and such disgusting things in the world. But just look at the past and you can see what actually happened and what we are living here after.

Beaver Brothers

These two young men were in one of the very antisocial families in Oklahoma. One was 18 years old at the time it happened and the other was only 16.
These boys also had two younger brothers who were 12 and 7 years old. There were also 3 sisters who were 13, 5 and 2.

What happened next is not expected by any of you as these two boys murdered almost their entire family. They murdered their father, their mother, both brothers and their 5-year-old daughter. Fortunately, the 12-year-old daughter survived their attack, and fortunately, they didn't do anything to the 2-year-old.

Young Lady A.

In 2004, a little girl appeared in Japan, about whom it was better not to disclose who she was because she was really very young.
This girl tricked her friend when all of a sudden she started opening her throat with a can opener. Once she did that, she walked back to class completely calm and bloody.

Eric Smith

This little boy was bullied a lot around the 1950's and everyone else took it out on him. But he didn't like it in a very strange way, because he took it out on a 4-year-old kid that he killed.
He threw a rock at his head and was then sentenced to life in the penitentiary and then from the time he came of age to prison. He was also denied about 8 times to even have family visit him.

Keith Randulich

This boy even asked his own mother if he could buy a gun to prevent them from harassing her sister. But she told him not to even think about it and that they can solve it in a completely different way and not to do anything like that.
One day his mother was with his sister and the boy suddenly cut his sister's throat with a knife. He then claimed he did it so that no one could bother her anymore and she could finally have a better life.
However, there was never any evidence that she was bullied or molested, so he was sentenced to 40 years in 2011.

But who knows if she was really bullied or not and if she was threatened by someone by any chance. However, we may never know what was going through his head and if he happened to have talked to his sister about this a long time ago.

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