7 Strongest Friendships Between Humans and Wild Animals

7 Strongest Friendships Between Humans and Wild Animals

People sometimes love animals more than themselves, and this is also reflected in their amazing bonds, which even a person cannot have. These people are so crazy that their pet is absolutely everything to them and they risk their lives for it. They bought some of the most dangerous animals in the world and began living with them side by side.

7. Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer
This gentleman is well known for getting really close to these amazing wild cats. Everyone knows that approaching a lion is not one of the smartest options if you meet one, but this gentleman absolutely adores them, and it also seems that his lions do not want to eat him at all.

He is not afraid of them at all, but on the contrary, they cuddle with them like cats.

6. Kody Antle - The Tiger Prince aka Tarzan
Also known as Tarzan, he is probably most similar to the real Tarzan and is the son of the well-known Da Cantle called the Tiger King.

Cody was learning to love animals from a very young age and has 2 million followers on Instagram where he shows his amazing wild animal family.

5. Dean Schneider - Part of The Lion Pride
A twenty-seven-year-old man who has dedicated his entire life to animals. He lives in Africa and is a proud member of a lion pride. His wife is a hyena and he is a father to two monkeys

4. Bonnie Hunt - The Bear Granny
An older lady lives with a very unusual pet and that are 2 dangerously large bears in her home in Texas. This granny lives with 2 grizzly bears and a Bengal Tiger. She plays with them, cuddles them every day, and devotes several hours to them.

3. Eric Leblanc - The Lizard King Dad
A dad who owns countless reptiles and also two children who let themselves play with their several-meter Python and the rest of his lizard collection.

2. Joie Henney - And his Support Aligator
This alligator is legal emotional support owned by Joey Honey from Pennsylvania. But he doesn’t only own an alligator, he also owns several lizards and snakes.

That amazing alligator is completely different than you would expect, he loves hugging kisses, and the like.

1. Shaun Ellis - The Real-Life Wolf Man
This man has dedicated his whole life to sleeping, eating, and actually living with a pack of wolves.

Sometimes he leaves the company and lives with the pack for a few months and behaves exactly like a wolf.

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