7 Rare Budgie Mutations

7 Rare Budgie Mutations

In the world we can meet several different budgies, we have white, blue and mainly yellow budgies. But as with any animal as with the budgie, we find many mutations and different color variants.

A lot of people are getting Budgies for home and they don’t even know they have a rare mutation.

These are some of the rarest budgies in the world. Did you even know that there are such kinds of budgies?

Black Faced Budgie
A very rare mutation of a budgie. Such a parrot has 2 basic colors under its stripes which are blue or green. Try finding one; it is very rare to find and buy a black faced budgie.

Violet Budgie
Violet Budgies are quite rare too and they have a variety of pink colors, some of them are more purple. They also have purple cheeks despite others having blue and it’s really hard finding one for sale too.

Feather Duster Budgie
These budgies are very rare but very weak too. They have a mutation that causes their feathers to never stop growing. They can’t fly because of the length of the feathers and they live for about a year.

Helicopter Budgie
These Budgies from Japan have a mutation that changes their direction of feather growth so they look like a helicopter. Helicopter Budgies have some difficulties in flying.

Rainbow Budgie
A very unusual mutation. Almost every time we see them with a golden head, a violet cyan body, and with white yellow wings.

Half Sider Budgie
Half Sider Budgie has the rarest mutation of all. Half of his body is green and the other half is blue. With these colors, we have seen only one in the entire world but unfortunately, he is no longer with us as his owner said he passed away.

There are some other varieties of colors like green and white. These budgies are by far the rarest, everyone claims they are fake and they photoshopped them but every year we find more and more.

Cinnamon Budgie
Cinnamon Budgies are not as rare as the others. They are known for having brown wing markings and a pale shader body. A lot of people have Cinnamon Budgies and they don't even know they are rare.

If you want to find and buy one you must have very big patience because it is really hard to find them and when you do they are not for sale.

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