Unexplained Mysteries That NEED Some Serious Explaining

Unexplained Mysteries That NEED Some Serious Explaining

In this post we will show some of the mysteries and mysterious places that have happened and certainly many people would like to know where the truth actually is.
But that is unlikely with mysteries like this and that is why everyone has to form their own opinion on it.

Staircase in the Woods

In different parts of the world she began to find various stairs in the forests that led nowhere. It was always some random staircase that was placed in the middle of the forest.
They were also spotted in national forests and it wasn't very clear what the stairs were. However, afterwards, one of the Search and Rescue Officers wrote about what kind of things were going on.
In fact, many of these events have just enough similarities to the stairs and so it is very likely that he was telling the truth and was not some internet troll.
Anyway, each find may have a completely different origin, as it could also happen that no one has set foot there for several decades and the remains of different houses appear there.

Babushka Lady

On November 22, 1963, a very serious act took place when President F. Kennedy was assassinated in front of several thousand people. However, even though it was in front of so many people, there weren't that many people who had a camera trained on the president and so many people didn't know who was who and what was going on.
But then they noticed a lady who had a red Russian scarf on her head and so they started calling her Babushka Lady. This lady was just taking pictures at the exact moment when the shots were fired.

She has not been found since and it has never been known exactly what she was filming or photographing and for whom.

Guardian Angel

Many people think they have someone looking down on them or even living with them as a ghost. Many call them guardian angels.
They think that these angels are the ones who guide them through life and help them through bad times. Anyway, in many cases, it has been filmed several times how someone saved someone and then never found out who it was.
The video shows, for example, someone tapping a person on the back of the shoulders, the person then turned around and all of a sudden there was a barrier that the man could only notice because someone tapped him and so he just moved out of the way.
The man was never seen again, and the owner of the shop to which this just happened said he didn't see anyone, and his streets are long.

That is why it is also a very big mystery if any Guardian Angels really exist, because in monha cases we could confirm that some people survived only because of completely random events.
But it is up to everyone what they really believe and whether they think it is more of a fabrication or a fake to get attention.

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