These At-Home Exercises Will Make You Taller

These At-Home Exercises Will Make You Taller

So, you've always envied your friend with the long legs and been looking for ways to get taller, and maybe you can become the next big name basketball player? Well, here’s the thing. While height depends on several factors like genes, environment, hormones, genes, etc, exercises can also significantly increase your height.

In fact, there are several exercises you can perform from the comfort of your home that have the prospect of making you taller faster than stretching your legs at the gym. Here are a few at-home exercises that will make you taller.
PS: Age will totally determine how effective your results will be.

1. Hanging Exercises
This anti-gravity exercise doesn't require you to hit the gym. Just grab anything off the ground, maybe sturdy tree branches or monkey bars if you're near a playground.
Start with about 20 seconds of hanging while holding the bars/tree branch, be sure to avoid touching the ground while hanging. Relax your body and watch your body muscle stretch allowing it to receive more blood.

2. Cobra Pose
The cobra pose is another stretch exercise that will help you get taller. You’ll need a sport/yoga mat for this as you will lie down on the floor with your palm face down around the middle of your ribs.
Place your legs together while your feet’s top lies flat on the floor, then using your back muscle, not your arms, lift your chest off the floor.
You'll need to maintain this position for about 20 seconds, ample time for a good stretch of all your shoulder, chest, and abdominal muscles.

3. Vibration Gymnastics/Lifting Up To Your Toes
It’s believed to not only help you get taller but also increase your life’s longevity if you perform it regularly. To perform the lifting up to your toes exercise and get your desired result, do this;
8 to 10 times daily, stand straight with your heels raised about 2 inches off the ground, then fall back on your heels. Repeat the process for 30 seconds straight or as you deem fit.
This exercise helps ease blood flow to the heart and also provides a good distribution of blood to all the muscles. Other worthy at-home exercise mentions are skipping, swimming, and hip flexor stretch.

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