Why Are These Countries The Happiest To Live In?

Why Are These Countries The Happiest To Live In?

Many people are looking for a better life and therefore also look at which countries people are happiest in. However, for many people happiness can mean something completely different as everyone likes something different.
However, there are a few countries and places where it is really safe and in most cases people are really happy there.
In some cases, it is also about how well the health care system works in a country or if everything one needs to live a good life is accessible.
Many people also look at whether the economy of a state is thriving or failing at all, and also at air pollution. I guess everyone has something of their own as there are many different factors by which we can distinguish whether a country is really safe and has happy people living there.


Austria is one of the countries where most people consider themselves very happy, also because of its history and overall economic growth.
However, there are many factors why people are happy in Austria and one of these reasons is definitely that they care about the problems of their people.
They have one of the best health and school systems and this is also very important for many of us as in most countries the school systems are totally outdated and cannot teach the children created in this era.

New Zealand

New Zealand is said to be one of the happiest places to live. However, there are all sorts of animals you may not come across in most places.

The main factors are definitely the stable jobs that are well paid, the relationships that circulate amongst the citizens of New Zealand are also usually very good and you will usually meet very nice people and also a pretty clean environment.


Luxembourg is considered one of the happiest places in the world, also because its population is only half a million people for the whole country.
It is one of the oldest states in the world and it is also very rich and colorful with events that have taken place here. Its capital was platted in 1634.
There is also very little crime in this country and every citizen here has very good protective conditions. This is also shown by their very good physical and mental health.


Since 2002, it has been ranked the world's most peaceful country. This is mainly because of how much social assistance they receive and also the very good adjustment to work and life.
It is a very social country and they care a lot about communication and solving different problems through communication as well. So they say they can rely on each other and that's why they are so happy.

It's also one of the greenest states, so it doesn't get too many people for its size.Their nature is one of the most beautiful in the world and that's also because they take so much care of it and make it very important.

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