Secret Phone Codes Can Spy on You Without Your Knowledge

Secret Phone Codes Can Spy on You Without Your Knowledge

Every phone has secret codes that you can enter to carry out some commands. These codes are called MMI Supplementary Service Codes and Unstructured Supplemented Service Data. They’re codes that are inbuilt to your phone by the manufacturer to execute certain commands. You just need to open your dialer and type in a specific sequence of numbers to execute a function or display an information. We’ll be sharing some of these codes with you in this article:

1.Call Forwarding Option (when phone is off):
If you’re scared that someone might be keeping tabs on your calls, or you just want to activate call forwarding for your phone, then you need to know this code.

You can set call diversions to happen only under specific circumstances. Dial *#61# to see if your calls are being forwarded if you don’t answer your phone. If there’s a number there, then your calls are being forwarded everytime you don’t pick up. To turn it off, simply dial ##61#.

2.Call Forwarding Option (when phone is unreachable) *#62#:
this forwards calls when your phone is switched off or in Airplane mode. To turn it off, dial ##62#

3.Call Forwarding Option (when phone is busy or call is rejected) *#67#:*#62#:
If someone has turned on call diversion on your phone, this is where you can see it. To turn it off, type in ##67#

4.Call Forwarding Status:
To display your call forwarding status, just dial *#21#

5.Erase All Forwarding:
If your voice call or data call, or SMS call has been forwarded, by dialing the code ##002# everything will be erased..

6.Scam Blocking:
To see whether or not you have this function enabled, dial #787#. If you don’t, you can use #662# to enable it.

7.Hide Caller ID: Maybe you want to play a smart one on someone:
To hide your number before placing a call, just dial #31#. While #31# helps you hide your number for all calls. #31#number hides your number for a particular call.

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