Do These 5 Things Every Morning, See How It Will Change You

Do These 5 Things Every Morning, See How It Will Change You

There are things you should do every morning to ensure your day is productive. We’ll be sharing some of these things with you in this article.

1.Drink a Glass of Water:
According to a University of Sydney 2011 study, drinking more water can lower your risk of getting chronic kidney disease and other bodily issues. Drinking water first thing in the morning sets your body up for smooth digestion throughout the day. It helps flush out any toxins that have been building up in your body while sleeping.

It’s also useful to drink water if you’re watching your weight as it aids your metabolism, enabling you burn more calories during the day. An even more effective way around this is by drinking flavored water. You can squeeze lemon juice in your water. It helps fill you up thereby controlling excess food intake. Ensure the water is room temperature and not cold. Remember, the more water you drink, the better your body functions.

2.Eat a Healthy Breakfast:
Apart from the little energy boost it might give you in the morning, sugary breakfasts do not exactly help your body. Instead of these, you should go for more nutritious breakfasts. Ones high in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants like Oats, fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), eggs.

2.Get Up As Soon as the Alarm Goes Off:
Haha, funny yeah? We can literally hear you say “jokes on you, where’s the fun in that?” Well, those short hours of stolen sleep after the alarm goes off only ends up interrupting your sleep cycle making you feel crappy and disoriented.

The ideal sleep duration is 7-8 hours. Try to get your hours right and get up as soon as your alarm blares.

3.Let The Sunshine In:
It is important to open the blinds and let the sun shine in your room. Digestion, releasing hormones, and more, are things that your body does once it realises that it’s day time. Letting the sun in triggers your body to the fact that it’s morning.

Not doing this delays your body’s natural rhythm and starts your day off on a bad note. Doing this can also lower your BMI rates. Northwestern University’s Dr Phylis Zee advises to simply open the blinds when getting dressed or having breakfast so the body is aware it’s time to start the day. And in the absence of sunshine maybe due to the weather, turning on your lights should do.

4.Get Moving:
Your muscles and joints may feel tired and stiff after a long night’s sleep. Not moving after waking up is most likely to lead to future strains from your body not being warmed up.

Liken it to a car where you need to warm every time before taking it out on the road. Prepare your body for the day by doing exercises such as push ups, deep squats, brisk walking, downward dog, cobra pose, etc.

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