10 Ways to Reduce Waste

10 Ways to Reduce Waste

Only by following these 10 ways, you can significantly reduce waste and help our mother Nature. But before we get to them, you should know that refusing what you do not need is simple. And we will show you how.

1. No clutter
Clutter is the worst thing that can be in your home. Think twice before taking home flyers, junk mail, and any other junk. Soon it is likely to be in the trash.

2. No plastic bags

The number of plastic grocery bags that Americans throw away each year is terrifying – 100 billion. So instead of such ridiculous waste, you can buy a few reusable cloth bags. In a supermarket, you should place fruits and vegetables directly in such a reusable bag and avoid separate plastic bags for cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

3. No plastic containers
Glass jars are perfect for zero-waste shopping. You can store pantry foods, including pasta, spices, and cereal. So, if in your supermarket things are sold in bulk, you will avoid using unnecessary plastic containers and bags.

4. No plastic straws
Plastic straws are one-time disposable. Now you can get reusable acrylic and steel straws instead. They come with a special straw brush and will save you money if you often host parties.

5. No plastic cling wrap
Whenever you have leftovers you use plastic cling wrap, don’t you? But you don’t know yet about amazing food wraps. In other words, reusable, sustainable, rewashable, and eco-friendly. They will help preserve your food longer.

6. No plastic bottles

Why do you need to buy a bottle of water every morning? If you have a reusable water bottle, you can make any drink in the morning and take it with you. By opting for a reusable water bottle, you are minimizing your plastic dependency.

7. No disposable utensils
In case you always have lunch at work, it is time for you to get a stainless steel or bamboo set of utensils.

8. No plastic toothbrushes
Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown every year, and, of course, they do not biodegrade. Instead, you can switch to a bamboo toothbrush that is compostable and biodegradable.

9. No disposable period products

Tampons and pads create a significant part of the waste. Just imagine that on average a woman throws away up to 300 pounds or 136 kilograms of pads and tampons. A menstrual cup can be a great solution.

10. No paper books
You can easily upload all the books to an eBook. An electronic book can store all your mail, bills, notes, and books. If you like reading paper books, then maybe you can borrow one from a library.

You can always take steps to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, the sooner the better.

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