The 4 Most Haunted Places in Europe

The 4 Most Haunted Places in Europe

We have already talked about the most cursed places in the world, but now we will only look at Europe. Europe has one of the scariest places ever seen, but there is still more speculation about American places.

1. Kilkenny Ghost River
An 80 miles river coming from Dublin, was the site of the first Ireland's witch trial; also 16 people drowned in the river after a bridge collapsed during a flood.

Now visitors claim that they see creepy figures in the river that rise in the early morning.

2. Poveglia Island
Poveglia Island was once a home for people that were dying from the bubonic plague but there was a lot of happening in history like human experiments and more.

But this took a more deadly turn as Venice started to ship off anyone showing even the mildest symptoms of bubonic plague.

Many were left to die and then thrown into one of the mass graves, and the worst part was that the workers sometimes confused the sick with the dead, so that they were buried alive in a pile of disease-stricken corpses.

The island is now abandoned.

3. Tower of London
The Tower of London is claimed to be the most haunted tourist attraction in London and it has a very long and bloody history. Around 400 people were executed and often the method of execution was beheading. A lot of queens were murdered here too. The last person executed in the tower was a german spy who was shot in 1941.

Not only executing was happening here but torture and other things too.

The Tower of London was a place of death. But the Crown Jewels, worth about $32 billion, are still kept there.

And another famous legend is that it must always house six ravens. According to superstition, the Tower and the British monarchy will fall if the six ravens ever leave the fortress. To this day, there are a lot of ravens in the Tower.

4. Akershus Festning
Is a castle which has been the site of a prison and a lot of sieges. It is claimed that whispering and scratching can be heard along the hallways, and some guards have reported several weird situations.

Akershus fortress is still a military area, but is open to the public daily until 9 pm. The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and Resistance Museum can also be visited here.

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