10 Strangest Things Found By Deep Sea Divers

10 Strangest Things Found By Deep Sea Divers

Human curiosity is enormous and one would like to discover every corner of the world. While on earth, a lot is discovered in water, which makes up 70% of our planet, only 5% is discovered due to high pressure and other phenomena.

But only those 5% are a lot of mysterious discoveries made by different divers from different parts of the world.

10. A Lost City
A big long lost Egyptian city flooded and was forgotten until archeologists rediscovered it off the coast of Alexandria Egypt in 2000.

The city is shrouded in myth and everyone thought it to be a legend, but it was mentioned by some historians.

Among the coast were found a lot of statues, pillars, and statues with a lot of Egyptian inscriptions.

9. A Giant Eyeball
On Pompano beach in 2012 a man found something and he couldn’t believe his eyes. An enormous eyeball.

A lot of people were thinking about what new sea monster could it be, but it turned out to be from an average-sized swordfish.

8. An Undersea River
It is called Cenote Angelica and is located in Mexico and the river and is formed due to a thick layer of hydrogen sulfide at a point where fresh water and saltwater came to be trapped in a cave because of a sinkhole and the deeper you go the more nausea you feel.

7. Oarfish
It looks like a large sea serpent and the head looks like a piranhas head. It is so mystic even Japan includes the creature in its folklore.

6. A Frilled Shark
A terrifying creature that lives in the dark depth of the ocean. It has a jagged dinosaur appearance and their head looks like a snake, in their mouth, you can find about 300 teeth. The man who caught it said it looked like from a horror movie.

They are so rare we didn’t have any footage of them until 2004.

5. Underwater Sculpture
Underwater sculptures lie under the crystal clear Caribean waters and they were made by an artist named Jason Dakara.

They have also been listed on the 25 wonders of the world.

4. Ancient Pills
At the bottom of the sea off the coast of Italy, where archeologists were investigating an ancient shipwreck was found a tightly closed tin container with well-preserved pills dating to about 140 - 130 B.C.

3. Jason Voorhees Underwater Statue
In Northern Minnesota, someone created a life-sized statue of Jason Voorhees, one of Hollywood’s most known killers. All completely like from the movie.

2. Vampire Squid
It is named because of its blood-red coloration, cloak-like webbing, and toothy-looking spines and it lives in the nearly complete dark waters.

1. Giant Knife
A giant knife was found by professional scuba divers back in 2014, and it is just a photo of 3 divers holding a giant knife under the water but they never did any public appearances.

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