Get ready to discover other unexpected products that can make your life easier in more than one way. We are talking here, for example, about a tactical pen that could save your life in some situations, or about mini refrigerators that you can take with you in the car.

Cap Launcher Battle Opener
This thing is suitable for almost any party. You can treat yourself to opening your favorite drink and you can also shoot the lid in the basket, for example. At various celebrations, it can be used to create various games such as beer pong just with lids.

A young lady created this thing to show how easy it is to encode and various other things. For example, on this device you can paint anything over the phone and it will appear on it.

TPX20 Titanium Tactical Pen
This pen is made of titanium and its refills are completely replaceable. It is made with tungsten so it will never scratch or corrode. And if someone should attack you, this pen has a ring installed that you can use in case of self-defense or an attack.

Ryze Tech Tello
This is an amazing drone which is equipped with an amazing camera which is able to take amazing photos and take beautiful videos.

It's one of the cheaper ways to take photos and videos with a drone, but the video can be up to 13 minutes long. The quality is generally acceptable, but if we look at the much more expensive drones, we see a big difference there.

Northsire Mini Tire Inflator
This item has everything you need to repair a car wheel. In addition, it is built entirely of metal.

Chefman Min iFridge
A refrigerator that you can take with you basically anywhere. You can put her in a suitcase, in a car, at work or just at bed, and she will turn you into wonderfully chilled drinks or others.

Microblade Pill Ti
An amazing tool for cutting packages and various boxes. With this tool you will never damage the contents of the package due to its tiny blade.

SpyFinder Pro
You sometimes wanted to own something like a flying squirrel, but unfortunately, it didn't work because the squirrels are not able to live with humans. Be sure to look at this beauty is almost the same as a squirrel, it can be tamed and many claim that it is much cuter.

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