If You Can Relate to These 6 Signs, You Were Born to be a Loner

If You Can Relate to These 6 Signs, You Were Born to be a Loner

If you’re most times yearning to be alone, not disturbed or distracted, then you’re most likely a loner. Loners, also introverts, are oftentimes alone because they do not like being around people. They’d rather lock themselves up in a room than mingle.

If you’re still not sure if you belong in this category, here are six signs to know you were born to be a loner.

1.You Value Time:
Loners are mostly really smart people because they spend the bulk of their time alone, reading up on new things.

So as a loner, every minute counts. There has to be a solid reason for you to want to spend time with people.

2.You Enjoy Your Alone Time:
If you enjoy being with yourself more than being with others, then you’re indeed a loner. Loners value nothing else like their alone moments, thinking, strategizing. You don’t joke with your alone time.

3.You Can Pass Out When You’re in a Large Crowd:
For some, being in a large crowd like parties can be utterly draining. You find yourself wanting to leave and just seclude, you see that mood has completely changed, you’re cranky, easily irritable. If you're that person, then you’re a loner.

4.Self Love:
Loners find it easy to realize themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They’re very focused and know what they want at any given time, and they always have a plan and a means to achieve them. They’re highly self sufficient and motivated.

5.You Set and Maintain Personal Boundaries:
Intrusion is a no no for Loners. They like their boundaries, so they set it and maintain it. They hardly let people into their personal space -head or physical.

6.Avoid Drama:
Loners dread drama like a plague because they don’t like any situations that’ll raise issues.so if you often find yourself doing this, trying to maintain peace where the other party (ies) would just prefer trouble, then you might just be a loner.

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