10 Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed to Visit

10 Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed to Visit

Our planet hides a lot and there are several places we don't even know exist or can't visit at all. People can't even know what's hidden from them, but we'll talk about some places you are not allowed to visit.

10. Coca-Cola Vault - Atlanta, USA
From a people's point of view, this is very strange, what Coca Cola could hide in order to do a giant vault because of it.

Anyway, this precisely hidden secret is a very rare recipe for coca cola.

9. Room 39 - North Korea
Of course, you probably can't do much in North Korea anyway, but this place is really interesting.

Room 39 is a secret building that the North Korean government committed to secure foreign currency for the nation’s leaders and it may be involved in some illegal activities.

8. North Sentinel - Andaman and Nicobar Islands
This island is almost as divided with society, and virtuality has never been known, it is almost untouched by the outside world. And it is untouched because there are one of the last world’s few remaining tribes. The people who inhabit this island are called sentineles.

But almost every time someone visited there was violence, last time two fishermen died.

7. Snake Island - Brazil
Off the coast of Brazil is a beautiful island of rainforests and more and it is really stunning but we can't really visit it because of snakes everywhere. They claim there is one snake every three square feet.

On the island was found the most dangerous snake on earth and Brazil keeps visiting this island very restricted.

6. Bhangarh Fort - India
These are the ruins that everyone describes as one of India’s most splendid Kingdoms.

People claim that the kingdom was cursed and that’s why it was left to ruins.

5. Surtsey Island - Iceland
A volcano erupted under the sea level and it resulted in the formation of an island called Surtsey island.

We could see the evolution from almost nothing and that’s why it is restricted, because researchers don't want anyone to interface with the evolution.

4. Poveglia - Italy
Is an Island where almost everyone has seen something or heard something throughout the history.

It was a fort, a shipping center and others, but the last thing that was located here was a psychiatric hospital. So this island has seen a lot of deaths and tragedies. It has many and many stories and that’s why authorities abandoned it and that’s why it is called the most haunted place on earth.

3. Vatican Secret Archive - Italy
The secret Vatican archives are home of the immense history and the act of the holy see and that’s why it is buried several feet underground under the walls of Vatican city.

2. Moscow Metro 2 - Russia
There is a rumor that something terrible is happening under Moscow, there should be a secret underground Metro system.

The system was built during the time of Joseph Stalin.

1. Area 51 - Usa
This is one of the most secret places in the world. Almost everyone knows him, but no one can look behind the gates of Area 51.

No one really knows what's hiding there, even though everyone is talking about it, but it's guarded by the US military, and that suggests something.

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