Evil Punishments Designed to be Worse Than Death

Evil Punishments Designed to be Worse Than Death

Many people do various things that are forbidden by law and it depends on where you are but in some countries death sentences are still allowed.
However, there are many different practices of punishment in some times and many times it was much worse than death.
Throughout history there have been various ways you can punish someone to show them what they have done wrong, but in many cases it was really too much even if it was argued that the person in question deserved it.


There were many interesting people in Ancient Assyria and also one of the very revered people Ashurnarispal II who was also very famous for brutally hurting and condemning people who stole something from him or caused something else.
However, one practice was practiced on many prisoners and especially on people who needed to get some information out. For while they were alive, they were skinned alive with various knives.

The worst part was that they knew well enough how to let a person live as long as possible to suffer the worst pain they could before they died.

The Boats

This method was used in the time of the Romans and was also used for many years afterwards.
Many people may think that boats mean to send you, for example, tied up in a boat into the sea and leave you there to die, but you are wrong.

First you were put into two boats where holes were drilled for your head and hands and there you were completely enclosed with your head out and your hands in as well.
But the real torture only started when they then started pouring milk and honey in your mouth and all over you until you got really sick. He's left in the sun where all that milk dries on his body and head.
Then they let him starve, he has to dump everything into his boat and so he's totally lying in excrement and getting stung and gnawed on by various bugs.
Then when you're almost decomposed they send you in your boat into the ocean where the sea animals and sharks take care of you.

Poena Cullei

Again we are in Roman times where one of the judges had before him a man who had been convicted of killing his father.
So he decided that he deserved more punishment than just the normal punishment and so they started to get very creative as well.
First the man was whipped with a whip with his face covered with a sack. Then he was put in the sack with various animals, none of which were at all friendly.

Then the whole sack was thrown into the water with all the animals and man inside, thinking that the animals that started drowning would totally devastate him in their panic.
It must have been such a very unpleasant death because in the bag with you was usually for example a snake, a chicken and a mouse or something similar that either kept biting you and stinging you or something else.

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