10 Most EVIL Men in History

10 Most EVIL Men in History

There have been countless different people in the world over the time we've been here, both good and bad, but it's good to know about the bad ones, because you never know if you'll ever meet one of them.
But there have been a lot of them in the time we've been here, and so now we're going to talk about the worst and baddest men we've ever heard of.
Many of the people on this list are also dictators and various leaders who were already headed elsewhere and their true beliefs were very bad.


This was one of the Roman emperors who was really bad for several reasons. This man was really fond of blood and he wasn't that observant so he didn't care about a lot of things.
He killed people just for fun and he liked to watch it too. He also once told his guards to send a herd of animals to eat all the spectators as he was very bored when nothing was happening in the arena.

He also didn't care how he spent his money, and this caused his people to be hungry and low on funds. He also threw money at the open spectators. He slept with various women who were already married and sold his sisters and daughters to other men to enjoy.

Kim Jong-IL

Everyone has probably heard of this man at some point and a lot has been hidden about him as he was basically a total god for their country.
When Kim ruled it was supposedly one of the worst periods as people lied, killed and starved for completely unnecessary reasons.

It didn't work out so well in his family either, and he had his relatives killed for all sorts of bullshit that a normal person would put behind them.

Saddam Hussein

Many of you have probably heard of this man as he committed some really disgusting acts. He has killed innocent civilians and committed various human rights violations.
He destroyed dozens, maybe hundreds of villages where many people lived and so he also killed over 100,000 people.
Many of the civilians were poisoned or killed by chemical weapons, which were banned and the inhabitants of their country were arrested when they talked about something and silenced so that nothing spread further and nothing was known anywhere.

Genghis Khan

This was one of the most infamous conquerors in the entire world, for several different reasons. He always conquered in terror for both strategic and psychological reasons.
It's said that there were about 40 to 60 million deaths because of him. Which was roughly 10% of our total population.
But then he left these cities completely devastated and drove them to complete ruin and even cannibalism. In fact, many of these cities were truly starving and thus had little choice but to survive by eating someone else.
Several tens of millions of people had to die during his time, not only because of his conquests but also because he let them starve and most of them died anyway.

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