Super Huge Crocs You Don't Want to Meet in Waters

Super Huge Crocs You Don't Want to Meet in Waters

Crocodiles are semi-aquatic animals that live in waters in Asia, America, and Africa. We have seen movies where these aquatic creatures are depicted to be enormous sea monsters more than 10 times their usual size, the likes of lake placid.

But, while crocodiles are typically not as huge as shown in these movies, some crocs are definitely not regular. Here are a few of these super huge crocs ever recorded you don’t want to meet in waters.


This beast entered the Guinness books of record as the largest saltwater crocodile held in captivity in 2011.

Measuring a massive 17 feet 11 inches long and believed to be over 100 years old, this croc was captured in Australia in 1987 after causing mayhem in the Finniss River. It lives in Marineland Melanesia in Queensland, Australia.

Cassius, named after boxer Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay) is missing a leg and part of its tail from ferocious fights while in the waters.

A large male Nile croc from Burundi, Gustave is one of the most feared beasts. Gustave has a long record of killings, with an estimate of over 300 humans meeting their ends at the jaws of Gustave.

Although never captured, the film 'Capturing the killer croc', released most of the information about Gustave. There are reports that this croc weighs up to 1 ton and measure up to 25 feet.

Krys, The “Savannah King”
There’s no real evidence that Krys actually exist since records of this Savannah King originates from a story from 1958. The story says that "Krys”(named after the person who shot it) was shot in Queensland, Australia.

The Suspected measurements of Kris were a massive 28.4 feet making it highly suspicious compared to other accurately taken measurements of similar crocs in the region.

Adam Britton who happens to be the biggest expert in taking such records says he doesn’t include Krys in any official list as it is a story with no evidence backing its existence.

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