Jim Kwik: 10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

Jim Kwik: 10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

According to Jim Kwik, these are the 10 things that can change your life immediately if you do them;

1.A Good Brain Diet:
His approach to this is to evaluate yourself and truthfully examine where you are on your diet. He advises on a Neuro -protective diet such as Avocados, blueberries, broccoli, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, green leafy dark vegetables, wild salmon, turmeric, etc.

2.Killing Ants:
His idea on this is to constantly nurture self-fulfilling thoughts, and not self-destructive ones. “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them”.

The number one function of your brain according to Kwik, is to control movement. Using your body in different ways stimulates neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and brain derived nootropic factors which help in making new connections.

Hence he encourages a moving habit, and not a sedentary one. We know WFH is now a thing, more than ever before. But alongside that convenience can come very health damaging factors. So try to exercise, take walks, hit the gym if possible, MOVE.

4.Brain Nutrients:
according to him, the most important supplement for the brain is DHA. supplement your eating with brain nutrients. You can run some tests like hormonal tests, full-spectrum tests, food sensitivity tests, and see what your baseline is. You just need to find what works for you.

5.Positive Peer Group:
There’s a popular saying that, if you move around with 5 foolish people, you will be the 6th, and if you are friends with 5 millionnaires, you’ll be the 6th. So you might want to ask yourself, how inspired, encouraged, challenged, energised are you by your friends?

If you think you’re not motivated enough, then change them. The idea is to have people who push you beyond your limit. People who drive you to achieve your dreams, people whose actions inspire you.

6.Clean Environment:
Like it or not, your external world affects/reflects on your internal world, and vice versa. So how clean and organised is your environment?

Kwik shares three reasons why sleep is important. According to him;

Sleep is where you consolidate short to long term memory. That’s where you remember. It cleans plaque out that could lead to dementia and potentially brain aging challenges.

To dream. A lot of successful people have shared how dreams helped them solve a lot of the problems in their business. And how do you dream if you don’t sleep? So how good is your sleep?

8.Brain Protection:
Protect your brain from electromagnetic fields. Try to sleep away from your phone. Try as much as possible to protect your brain.

9.New Learnings:
You can never stop learning. No one person knows everything. You need to build the habit of constantly learning, because that’s how you’d build yourself and stay relevant and up to date.

“The two most important factors outside of sleep that’s going to promote neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, novelty and nutrition.” So like the Rumi quote, “Sell your cleverness for bewilderment.” Be open to learning and growing yourself.

10.Stress Management:
here’s so much stress lurking around these days. Financial stress, environmental stress, emotional stress, work stress, cognitive stress. You’re least productive when you’re stressed. You can’t perform cognitively. You need to find ways to manage your stress level and bring it under control. Get enough rest.

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