7 Unique Places Even Scientists Can’t Explain

7 Unique Places Even Scientists Can’t Explain

Do you think you know everything about the Earth? Let’s see. There are at least 7 unique places on our planet that scientists cannot explain yet. Maybe you will give it a shot?

1. Never-Ending Light Storm
A never-ending light storm takes place over the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela from 7 p.m. and continues for 10 hours. Only once, the storm stopped for 6 weeks, but still, there is no scientific proof of its origin.

2. Circles of Namibia

Hundreds of circles can be found in the desert in Namibia, Africa. The strange thing is that all those circles are almost equal to 3-20 m in diameter. Norbert Juergens assumed that termites could cause that wonder, but his hypothesis was disproved.

3. Movile Cave
A one-of-a-kind place on the Earth where there are its own ecosystem and atmosphere similar to another planet is called Movile Cave. It is located in Romania and was discovered in 1986 after 5.5 million years of complete darkness. Inside, scientists found a lake full of sulfuric water. Meanwhile, its air is toxic for humans, there were found 33 species of insects that did not live on the Earth. Are you puzzled?

4. The Boiling River

The Boiling river in the Amazon cannot be compared to a jacuzzi if you had a thought about that. The temperature there goes up to 196 degrees Fahrenheit or 91 degrees Celsius. If anything enters that water, it literally boils alive. Do not even try! Such waters typically relate to an active volcano or magmatic system but, in the closest area, there are no volcanoes. So how does it get so hot?

5. The Hessdalen Lights
The Hessdalen light is an unexplained phenomenon that is observed in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. The lights of different colors and shapes appear in day and night floating above the valley. That can last just a few seconds up to hours, and since 1930, no one could have figured out their origin.

6. Stonehenge

Only a few miles north from Salisbury, England, there is another famous mysterious place called Stonehenge. That prehistoric stone formation was being built between 3000 and 1520 BCE according to scientists. At that time, there was no type of technology that could lift stones weighing from 4 to 37 tons. Hence, the questions that remain unanswered are how Stonehenge was constructed and why.

7. The Devil’s Kettle Waterfall
Located in Minnesota, U.S., that waterfall has two different bodies of falling water. What does that mean? One side has water falling into another body of water, and the other one falls straight into a huge hole in the ground. Once, scientists carried out an experiment and dropped many small balls in the waterfall, hoping to find out where they would pop up, but they did not.

Maybe you will try to solve any of the mysteries?

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