10 Reasons Why The Egypt Pyramids TERRIFY Scientists

10 Reasons Why The Egypt Pyramids TERRIFY Scientists

The pyramids, and ancient Egypt in general, hid many great mysteries that perhaps no one was supposed to get to. Various Egyptian tombs according to many should not be opened at all as they punish then individuals who open them with a great curse.
But one of the great mysteries are also the pyramids which are in Egypt almost on every corner and we do not know so much about them.
In fact, at the time they were built there were no machines or the technology that exists now, and so scientists are still arguing about why and how they did it in the first place.

Each Brick Weighs 2 to 50 tons

Imagine how such huge bricks would have to be transported in this era and for how long. These are very heavy bricks that nobody can lift alone.
When you think about it, there are different numbers of bricks on different pyramids, one of them, for example, has about 2.5 million of these bricks, so think about how long it would take with our technology.

Scientists also claim that it was all done in just 12 years. While 12 years is a very long time to build anything today, it was probably not unusual in their time.
Until now, however, scientists don't know how the ancient Egyptians managed to build such huge pyramids when they couldn't even have the support of modern technology.

Able to Survive Without Scientific technology

It is also a huge mystery how they could have had such good calculations to make the Pyramids stand for several thousand years after they were built without having any scientific technology.

A lot of scientists tried to figure this out for years until they gave up or thought they had some higher power helping them. But it's really amazing how even their ancient tombs could have been preserved in such amazing condition after so many thousands of years.

The Granite Coffer Inside The Pyramid

It is said that it must have been brought there long before the pyramid was ever built, or it must have been built round it, as it was so large that it could not have been reached through the opening leading to it. It would have damaged the walls or itself.
However, scientists have found no evidence that it had been there before and have not been able to determine exactly how it got there.
In the video, however, we come across other doubts that archaeologists and scientists who study ancient Egypt have.
There is so much that is still unfinished that everyone would like to go into it, but be careful what you are dealing with because many times there are also various rumors that we can read about from various ancient Egyptian writings and so it should definitely be taken into account.

Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting ancient countries, not only because of the pyramids but also because of their interesting tombs and legends that circulate about them.
There is so much that if you are interested in more you should definitely read some more on the internet as it is very interesting and you can learn something you didn't know.

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