10 Animals Found Frozen In Ice

10 Animals Found Frozen In Ice

Ice and general cold can do very interesting things, especially if we want to keep something as we know it.
So it's very well known that in various conditions where it's really cold, very interesting discoveries have been found where there may have been very well preserved bodies or other things.
Many times parts of various animals that have become extinct, for example, have been discovered. But in the ice, for example, a claw or a piece of a claw has been caught, and it's beautifully preserved.
So when they came across these discoveries, it was immediately known that ice and cold could preserve these discoveries for several thousand years and perhaps even more.

Yuca Mammoth

In one place, one of the tiny mammoths was accidentally discovered perfectly preserved in the ice.
Many different remains of mammoths and similar animals have been found over the years, and this was one of the best preserved, as it was essentially a complete mammoth.
It's estimated to be about 39,000 years old and that it died within about 9 months of its birth, also most likely due to the ice age or the huge changes in temperature and cold.

Another big indication is that this mammoth was most likely killed by humans and this is also because there were several cuts when the mammoth was opened. This also gave us one of the very first pieces of evidence that the mammoth definitely encountered humans and that there were some already in existence at that time.


One day there was a very nice discovery in Alaska and it was even two Moose. Their antlers were peeking out from under a huge layer of ice, and it was immediately obvious that they were completely frozen and that there were probably two of them.
These two Moose were probably just in a fight when they did not realise that a huge cold was coming and they could stay there forever. So they froze at the exact moment they were wearing antlers and so they took a very interesting stance when they were fighting each other.

It is not so common that you find just two Moose fighting somewhere in nature and if you do, you certainly won't find them frozen at the bottom of some river or huge water.

Steppe Bison

There was also a very amazing discovery and that is the ancestor of the very bisons we know in today's world. It was a Steppe bison, which was already in a state of decomposition, but at that time it was probably caught in a huge cold.
Because it was frozen solid in decomposition, even the people of Yana could find it and see what it was. What was also very interesting about it was that his brain and organs were almost as intact and so they could also examine from them.

This was also almost the very first discovery of such a bison and therefore it was also very welcoming to the whole group of finders.
By how many organs were preserved, they could then examine the overall life of this bison and find out what actually died and how their organs actually functioned, even though the bison's body was over 9,000 years old.

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