Every month and every year new animals are found that have never been seen before and new life is found in various places where man has not appeared for thousands of years and only now the place has been discovered.
There are also many different animals in the water that we know almost nothing about and some that do not even exist, so there can be a really large number of fish or other animals.
We will show some that were spotted in 2022 as there were many of them and they are very interesting.

Small Long head Darter Fish

It was thought that this fish had been extinct for several years, but in 2022 it began to reappear in various places.
There was some talk that this fish was probably extinct, but that it might be in some other place, but this year they started showing up in many places and it was confirmed that they were not really extinct.

Tiny Frogs

Really tiny frogs have been discovered that anyone would have missed. You may think you have tiny frogs in your own backyard, but you've probably never seen frogs this tiny.
It's a tiny frog that's almost as big as the end of your finger. When it sits on your finger, it's almost exactly the same size.
These animals have only recently been found as they were believed to be dying out and so it was a really nice discovery when it was discovered that this was not true.

Popa Langur

A very interesting species of monkey was found in the jungle, although it was known about since 2020, but only in 2022 was it really discovered and explored in more detail.
It is a nice little monkey that is found in very small groups so it is hard to spot them and that is also why it was believed to be a completely different species.

Golden Bear

It is not so much a complete discovery but only this year it was spotted by several people i.e. a golden bear. It is a bear that has a coat that is more blonde or golden in colour and is therefore also called a golden bear.
Many people say that it is really amazing when you see such a bear and this is mainly because there are probably not too many of them in the world.

New Tarantula

One day YouTube went on a trip to his house back in Thailand and in the process discovered a completely unique species of tarantula that had never been seen before.
He was then able to work with scientists and archaeologists to name this new species of tarantula that had been discovered.
It was noticed that this spider only lives on one type of tree, making it very difficult to spot. But it wasn't difficult for this young man when he spotted it on a walk.

This kind of tree is just bamboo and they live in the holes that just form naturally in bamboo. You won't find them anywhere else, so you better be careful when you cut bamboo in Thailand.
However, tarantulas can be very shy and so there is not much to worry about, because if someone is bigger than them, they prefer to hide or run away.

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