Top 10 BEST COUNTRIES to Live in the World for 2020

Top 10 BEST COUNTRIES to Live in the World for 2020

Each of these videos talks mainly about American places, but today they decided to look at other countries as well. Sometimes you think it's the right time to start from the very beginning and here are the countries where it would be best.

Singapore is one of the most advanced, culturally diverse, and modern city in the world and has a really good economy but it is expensive to live here.

Many big-name companies are located here, due to its business-friendly policies, low taxes, and more.

It is also rated as the second safest city and country in the world but the authorities and censorship are horrible, if a fine for dropping a candy wrapper on a sidewalk is 300 dollars you can imagine that talking about the government probably isn’t worth it.

10. Finland
About 72% of Finland is covered in forests and has great eco-friendliness, they have probably the cleanest air in the world and beautiful nature too..

Finland gets sometimes really cold and in some cities, they experience less than 2 hours of daylight during the winter.

Finland also hosts the happiest citizens on earth because the government is interested in people and does everything for their best, starting with the best education system in the world where standardized testing doesn’t exist.

But there are some negativities too like high taxes, unemployment rate and more.

9. New Zealand
New Zealand had a very good education system and great economy and a lot of opportunities.

It is claimed that New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world and tied on the second safest country and happiest too.

Perfect weather, crystal clear beaches, and more. This country is really beautiful and has beautiful nature.

8. Germany
It is very cheap when you compare it to other European countries and also has the fourth-best economy in the world.

It has an excellent education system and free public universities and outstanding public transit systems that transport people around the cities.

The only downside is the big taxes which makes the country one of the most heavily taxed countries on earth.

7. Sweden
Sweden has six-hour workdays which everyone would really love and a relatively low-cost living when compared to other European countries.

Sweden is also the fourth least corrupt country, however, the taxes are a bit high and they have one of the top three best healthcare systems in the world.

6. Denmark
Here you can find the highest quality of life on the planet because of the best healthcare system in the world and that it is tied as the least corrupt country on earth too.

It is considered the second happiest nation in the world and one of the top 5 safest countries in the world.

5. Canada
Canada has some really beautiful mountains and places to live, there is so much untouched wilderness and more.

Canada is the sixth-best country for business so if you are an entrepreneur consider visiting.

4. Japan
Here it is claimed that you should live the longest and happiest life.

The life expectancy here is about 85 years for both genders, making it the longest on earth. The cities are safe, modern, and have excellent public transportation.

3. Switzerland
Almost every city and every building are really gorgeous and there aren’t many destroyed and unoccupied.

They have the beautiful Alps and stunning lakes. Has a great healthcare system and is also the third happiest country in the world with the second highest quality of life and Switzerland is claimed to be the safest nation on earth.

2. Australia
Australia when you put all the poisonous and dangerous animals aside is considered one of the safest nations in the world.

Has the most efficient healthcare system, excellent schools, and some of the best universities.

1. Norway
The best country to live in is Norway because of the cleanest and most unpolluted skies.

In Norway, you only work 27 hours a week but considering that Norwegians work less, they are also the second most productive country on earth.

They are also the third safest and happiest country on the planet, are extremely eco-friendly and have the highest number of electric cars in the world.

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