5 Simple Steps To Get Out of Poverty

5 Simple Steps To Get Out of Poverty

Poverty, deeply rooted like cancer, has eaten into the fundamental parts of human existence. However hard to come out of, we’re sharing 5 steps that if followed could take you out of poverty.

1.Understand You’re on Your Own:
The first step is in dropping every sense of entitlement that you might be holding on to. You have to make a deliberate step to free yourself from the shackles of poverty with or without people’s help.

It’s fine if you have people who help you or are willing to help you, the point however, is to not bank on people to succeed in life. Make your steps, one at a time. No one has your best interest

2.Don’t Settle For a Low Paying Job:
A low paying job gives you instant gratification but little reward in the long run. Not saying that you cannot start small and scale up, but don’t get too comfortable as is the problem with a lot of poor people; they get exposed to a couple bucks that can sort some of their immediate needs and relent.

Work your way up to the top. Never settle. Use your current job as a ladder to much better ones. Build yourself on the job to prepare better for the next.

3.Focus on Educating Yourself:
Find extra time to work on yourself, develop yourself, learn how a new technology works, and build something around that. One of the ways to do this is by reading. Develop your curiosity level, read wide.

4.Have a Clear Plan:
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without a plan, it’s hard to save or invest. It always helps to have a goal in mind, that way, your efforts are channelled. Think of what you want to achieve, and think of possible ways and steps to follow in order to achieve it.

5.Set a Routine:
After planning, the next thing you want to do is to set up a routine, however boring and demanding it might be. This helps keep you in check and accountable.

You can’t be productive if you don’t have a routine. Routine helps you build discipline and discipline is a huge part of success. So yeah, set a routine, and follow through. Remember, being born poor is not a choice, but staying poor is.

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