Exciting Things About The PlayStation 5 You Need to Know

Exciting Things About The PlayStation 5 You Need to Know

For lovers of Sony PlayStation console games, the PS5 is more than just a next-gen console. Since its official launch in November (12th for the US and 19th for the rest of the world), only a handful of lucky gamers have snagged their copy.

If you are wondering if this console is worth it, well… It totally is. Here are a few exciting things about the PS5 you should know – which may also influence your buying decision.

1. Backward Compatibility
The PS5 is backward compatible and would play all your PlayStation 4 games. If you have a disc version of the PS5 (it comes in two versions a 4k Bluray disk version and a digital version), you can enjoy 99% of your PS4 game discs without having to switch consoles.

2. PS5 is Silent!
Unlike the PS4 that makes quite a lot of noise during load screens and playtime, the PS5 is ‘very silent’. In the recent teardown video of the PS5 by Yasuhiro Ootori, the VP, Mechanical Design Dept., Hardware Design Division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, you can find a huge cooling fan and heat sink.
These huge features alongside vents make the processor cool and quiet. Then there’s the digital console that skips the disk tray and uses an anti-vibration tech to make things a lot quieter.

3.Official Stand
The PS5 can either stand up tall or lie down flat, depending on your preference. If you want the console to stand tall for instance, you typically would need a stand. But the good thing is, unlike the PS4 stand that’s sold separately, the PS5 stand comes with your purchase.

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