Top 10 EVIL Prisoners Who Were Recently RELEASED

Top 10 EVIL Prisoners Who Were Recently RELEASED

There are good and bad people in the world but many of them are good and truly good on the inside but the world around them or events change them completely.
However, there are many people who from the very beginning of their existence we see that they are completely evil or even psychopaths who were either born with it or developed it during their life.
There are also many people who have gotten out of prison and many of them were also very evil and so we'll show some of them here.

Juha Veikko Valjakkala

This man was a killer and had a very interesting experience with prison as he kept going in and out of it.
He was first accused in 1988 when his girlfriend stole a motorcycle from a family and in the process the father and son spotted her, so they immediately went after her and followed her to where her boyfriend was waiting and killed them both.

The wife went to see where her husband was and noticed that they were both dead and at that moment he stabbed her and also killed her and then they ran away together. They were then immediately caught and arrested for these murders.
This person was also identified as a complete psychopath and he also created various problems for both the guards and other prisoners in the prison. So up until now he has been in and out of prison for various incidents.
But he finally decided to leave prison in 2015 and never came back, so he can be basically anywhere.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

This man has killed around 10 people and it's not certain if not more. It was around 1979-1991. He was also called Metal Fang.
However, this man killed several people before he was found out and then when he killed his seventh victim he was caught and diagnosed with schizophrenia.

After one year he was released and this is a big mystery to most people. As soon as he got out of custody he immediately killed three more people, but with his ninth victim there was not much information about where he was caught.
He hasn't really been released from prison yet, but his doctors say he has a very serious illness, so there's no telling what's going to happen to him.

Mattias Flink

This man was in the Swedish army and after he came out of it he also had huge mental problems when he went into a huge mental breakdown.
After he solved his problems by drinking he went home and put on his uniform and also took a machine gun with bullets.
He then went to a park near his house and killed 8 different people completely at random where all but one died.

It was decided whether he would go to an institute or to prison, but the court decided that he would get life imprisonment. But after a while he changed it to 25 years.
So he was released in 2014 and he's still around here somewhere. However, we cannot consider him as a bad person as we don't know what was really going on in his head, although that certainly doesn't excuse his actions.

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