The Largest Tornadoes Caught on Camera

The Largest Tornadoes Caught on Camera

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive disasters on the planet. No country is ready for them as they can be born from various major storms.

Every year we encounter new tornadoes, even though some are only small, so some can cause huge damage to houses and others.

Joplin Tornado
In 2011, a tornado appeared in America which was very destructive and was rated f5 on the Fujita scale and reached a width of one mile along the way.

It killed about 158 people and injured around 1150. At the time, it was the worst and deadliest tornado of all time and is also ranked as the costliest tornado in history.

Woodward, Oklahoma
In 1947, several tornadoes appeared in Oklahoma and were called glacier Higgins Woodward tornadoes. And it was also measured as F5 on the Fujita scale.

Flint-Beecher Tornado
A t5 tornado was also measured in Michigan on a Fujita scale and it left around 116 dead and 844 wounded.

Faridpur and Dhaka Districts
Tornadoes occur very often in Bangladesh, so there are a few shots. Around 1961, when they really did not expect it, a tornado crashed and caused about 210 deaths.

Tupelo, Mississippi
This tornado was truly destructive, killing about 454 people in 1936. It was so destructive that it destroyed really strong and tall buildings that were well built.

Belynatisky, Ivanovo
In 1984, only the eleventh tornado was seen in Russia, which was really destructive. This is the third most deadly in all of Europe.

400-Year-old Hurricane
Not only is our planet experiencing hurricanes, but also almost all others are experiencing all kinds of phenomena. But compared to other planets, our countries face almost nothing. On Mars, for example, you have huge dust storms that can coat the planet for weeks.

But on Jupiter, there is a massive storm for almost 400 years. This storm has been well known for several hundred years since the telescope was first used. The storm is 3 times bigger than our planet and the wind is rising to 400 miles per hour.

El Reno Tornado
A huge rainstorm of 2013 began to appear in Oklahoma and was perhaps the widest ever seen. For a few days, several smaller tornadoes were coming until the day when the biggest came. Fortunately, it stayed more in open spaces, so there weren't that many broken objects

The radars caught up to 300 miles per hour at one point, so if there are such tornadoes somewhere, it is best to hide somewhere where everything cannot fly away.

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