How to Attract Customers - 5 Marketing Strategies to Dominate Social media

How to Attract Customers - 5 Marketing Strategies to Dominate Social media

Ever wondered why for whatever reason you’re not getting value for your marketing efforts and spends? Why you’re not getting leads that transform to actual sales? Well, we’ll be sharing 5 strategies that you can use to lead on social media media and attract more customers. The strategies are;

1.Find out Your Prospects' Motivation/Drive:
You want to know their purchase intent. What questions are my prospects asking right before making a buying decision? Research buyer keywords. This will help you with SEO.

2.Share Product Benefits:
What problems and frustrations are my prospects currently dealing with that my product/service can solve? Share the things that make your product unique from your competitor's. Why should they buy yours and not your competitor's? Bring out the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your product/service.

3.Negative Experience:
Has anyone ever experienced something awful because they did not have your product?

Tell stories, leverage storytelling. Thing is, a lot of people sometimes don’t even know that they need something until they see it somewhere or hear someone talk about it. Make relatable stories around this.

Has anyone ever gotten great results from using your product/service? Share those reviews, compile a ‘before and after’ of your product use. Or even a progress use.

5.Authority Content:
What tips could you give a passionate audience? Create tailored content to suit your target audience. So, say you’re a marketing company and you’re looking to attract more clients, you can create authority content like:

• Festivity Campaign ideas (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s day)
• How to write captions
• How to build engagement on social
• How to grow followers
• Ways to reach your target audience
• Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
• Industry insight

Basically, content that drives Top of Mind Awareness for your agency, and let’s people know that you know your onions and they can come to you for all their marketing needs. And if you’re just doing niche marketing, you can streamline your content to focus on your niche market.

Try answering the questions embedded in these points, making the answers into content and then sharing them with your prospects. You should be addressing your prospects and not your product, because to be honest, nobody really cares about your product until they know that you care about them.

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