10 Ways to Survive an Earthquake, According to Experts

10 Ways to Survive an Earthquake, According to Experts

If you live in an area where seismic activity isn’t a surprise, then you are highly recommended learning some expert pieces of advice on what to do during an earthquake. There is no 100% chance of surviving any disaster, including an earthquake, but “Forewarned is forearmed”, so let’s get started.

1. Make your house your fortress
To find out how prone to earthquakes your area is, you can go on the Temblor website to check it out. In this way, you will be aware of the possible dangers that you can get prepared. How? For example, place your bed far from the windows and remove heavy objects from the shelves. Store some extra batteries, flashlights, medicine, and food supplies.

2. Being in a building
Never leave the building during the earthquake. During tremors, drop right where you are onto your hands and knees. Then, you should slowly move to the shelter covering your head with your arm. A massive table or desk can be a good shelter.

3. Being outside
Don’t enter buildings if you are outside. Run away from power lines, tall buildings, and roads. Find a shelter and hide. Don’t forget to cover protect your head.

4. Being in a car
Slow down a car. If an earthquake catches you in a car, you should slow down and find a safe place to stop a car, in the curb, for example. And don’t get out of the car until tremors stop.

5. Being on the beach
Move to higher ground if you are on the beach. Earthquakes can trigger a tsunami; that is why you should immediately leave the shore when you feel tremors.

6. Being in a wheelchair
In this case, you should try to get to a shelter as fast as possible. The next action is to lock your wheels and cover your head and neck. During tremors, a wheelchair can still move even you lock the wheels. So, hold onto something sturdy to minimize the moves.

7. Being in a stadium
Stay calm. Get on the floor in the space in front of your seat, bend over, and cover your head. It may be difficult as people can panic and chaotically move around but you should reassure yourself and your closest to follow this advice.

8. Being in an elevator
Never use an elevator if an earthquake has already started. Use the stairs if necessary. If you are in an elevator when an earthquake happens, lie down on the floor and cover your head with your hands. You have no choice but to wait till the elevator resumes working.

9. Being in bed
If an earthquake catches you in bed, stay in there, and protect your head with a pillow lying face down. If there is any shelf or a ceiling lamp over your head, move to a safer place.

10. Being under rubble
In case you get trapped under rubble during or after an earthquake, stop moving. Then try to cover your mouth with a piece of cloth not to breathe in dust. Shouting can be dangerous because of dust, but maybe you can find a pipe nearby to knock on and alert a rescue team.

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