15 MOST Mysterious Space Discoveries

15 MOST Mysterious Space Discoveries

Everyone imagines outer space a little differently, someone would be looking for spaceships there, aliens, maybe space stations, and some prefer to focus on planets, stars, and moons.

Here are some of the 15 mysterious space discoveries.

Dyson Sphere
In recent years with improving technology that allows us to look further into space. One of them believes a Dyson sphere can be seen, but our civilization never had the technology to make it.

This could be a result of an alien megastructure or something we’re yet to discover that causes the same effect as the Dyson sphere.

The Boots Void
Galaxies remain relatively predictable across all of existence, there are however some regions that are completely unexpected and this is the largest of these.

It is absolutely empty, scientists suggest that there should be about 60 galaxies in it where other same-sized parts of the universe would be expected to have 2000 galaxies in it.

In October 2017 something unusual was discovered known as Oumuamua a piece of rock and it was the first object we have studied from so far away and was outside our solar system.

The Great Attractor
There is a region that we simply don’t understand but it could be a key to unlock a much deeper knowledge of the universe.

The Red Rectangle Nebula
First discovered in 1973 is an unusual formation that’s around 2000 light-years away from the earth. It is a symmetrical bipolar nebula that almost looks like a cut gem.

Some moons are meteors that have been captured in the orbit of a planet and others simply form in place, which is a process that has never been seen before until 2013.

Near the edge of the rings around Saturn, a small wide formation was spotted and astronomers were very excited to find out that they are able to witness a moon being formed. No one was really sure if it will break or what will happen.

Faces on Mars
In the beginning, a rocket was sent to Mars to take some photos and when the images came back the world was stunned to see what looked like a giant face that was almost two miles long.

Magnetic Rogue Planet
A brown planet called simp0136 and researchers noticed that it produced its own auroras similar to the ones that we see on earth which meant that it must have its own magnetic field. But the mechanisms are still not understood.

We probably see comets the most but Elst-Pizzaro is a comet not made how we know comets are made, the more it got studied the stranger it turned out to be.

When the decision to demote Pluto from a proper planet was made it was because astronomers were only beginning to understand the objects that existed at the edge of the solar system and Pluto was one of the first discovered.

There are even more like Haumea, an oval-shaped planet with two moons. The day on this planet lasts only for four earth hours which makes it one of the fastest spinning objects in the whole of the solar system.

A comet called Borisov came from another system that had a tail over a hundred thousand miles long. The reason we know why it wasn’t from our solar system is the trajectory and the incredible speed.

There is still a lot to explore in space, and we gain new information every year. The universe is simply infinite.

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