12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can't Explain

12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can't Explain

There are many strange places in the world but most of them are also known about what happened there and why it looks like this or looks strange.
However, there are many places that have not been explored that much and therefore we don't know what else could be hiding anywhere. But there are a few different places that have been explored that are still strange because it's basically not publicly known what actually happened there.
There are certainly some people or someone who knows what ever happened there, but we will never know just because of how strange the places are. Most of the time it seems more like some higher power created these places, everyone probably believes something different.

Two trees on top of each other

In Italy and a few other places, there is a tree that grows on top of another tree. It's very strange and can't explain why it happened at all and in what way.
The strange thing about it is that the trees are of a completely different variety so it's not really understood how it got up there and managed to grow at all.

No Return

In Kenya there is an island which translates to No Return. As you can probably imagine, according to the Kenyans, very strange things are happening on this island and if you go to it, you will also not return.
One day even an English general went there to bury this myth that you will not return, but he and his colleague did not return and so until now it is believed that you simply will not return from this island.
There are a lot of conspiracy theories where some people think that this is some kind of alien base and they just won't let you in anymore or remove you outright.
Then there is also talk in Kenya that whoever goes into the middle of the crater on the island will be struck by lightning and thus completely incinerated.

Temple of Andara

In Syria there are many beautiful and surviving ancient buildings left after various events. However, this temple is something very interesting.
At the beginning of its entrance there are huge footprints, and this is also the place that people talk about when they talk about giants and their mythology. So many people believe that once upon a time there were some people or even other creatures that were really huge.
Or maybe it was just some individual that was really big compared to the others, even huge. There are also a lot of conspiracy theories, but it's definitely not known exactly what they are.


There was a sun temple on this site and it was dedicated to the amazing god Ra. It was built about 2400 years ago and yet there are still various remains.
But the strange thing is that there are various remains where you can see that they must have used some better technology because the holes were really precise and smooth.

So the question is, didn't these people already have different technologies available to them long before anyone ever came up with this?

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