Most AMAZING Fossil Discoveries Ever!

Most AMAZING Fossil Discoveries Ever!

In all the time the planet has existed, several different life forms have appeared here. A few million years ago, there were dinosaurs and maybe some other animals that just couldn't survive.
We know a lot of these things because there are several different fossils that have been preserved that are very visible, so it's quite easy to deduce what these creatures were.
So over all this time, there have been various fossils, fossilised outlines of various animals that have appeared all over the surface of the earth and every time something like this is found, it is very fascinating and it can show us even more about what was probably there and what lived there.
However, some of these discoveries were so groundbreaking that they were mainly looked at because they were one of the biggest pieces of evidence that dinosaurs or something like that ever lived.


One day such a big animal appeared that one did not know what it was at all. But as soon as these remains appeared, it was immediately known that it was probably one of the largest dinosaurs we know of to have lived on this planet.
However, several such skeletons had already been discovered in the world, so it was just a matter of finding out how big the dinosaur was and whether it was the biggest one around.
Of course, now almost everyone who has found one has guessed that their dinosaur is bigger, although the truth is a little different.

But there is also talk of how they could have reached such enormous proportions? Most people say it's because they're not carnivores and they eat mostly greenery. There was a huge amount of greenery everywhere at the time, so the dinosaur could grow and eat pretty much non-stop.


This was one of the very first dinosaur discoveries ever made, where only a small number of bones were found.
The first scientist who tried to figure out what the bones were actually thought they were from a large elephant that fought in Rome, for example, and was used quite often as a killing tool.
He also thought that it might be a giant that had once lived and that it might even be a human bone. But this was disproved after further discoveries and it was found to be a flash eater, which was really huge compared to other species.


When the first T-Rex fossils were discovered, there was almost immediate talk of one of the scariest dinosaurs ever. This Dinosaur was also very popularized and this was thanks to various movies like Jurassic Park and others.

However, the T-Rex came to be considered one of the most dangerous dinosaurs and not just because of how huge it was but how huge its head and mouth were. If a human had existed at the time, then it could have fit into the T-Rex's mouth pretty much exactly.
That's why this is also one of the best discoveries and perhaps the most famous, because many times these bones have been found in different ways, so first it had to be really confirmed that the bones belonged together and that they were one dinosaur.

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